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Material brass
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Overview: Bridal Rajasthani Lakh chura Bangles

Is your wedding round the corner? Are you running short of time and cannot afford to visit the market for purchasing suitable accessories? Are you looking for a spectacular set of bridal bangles to be worn on your special day? Here is your chance to shop online for bridal Rajasthani Lakh chura bangles that are one of a kind. Let us check out the special features of this set of bangles before you set your heart on it.

Product Description

These bridal chura bangles are presented to you by which is known for producing supreme quality products and delivering absolute customer satisfaction. The bangles are made of metal brass alloy which renders to them a unique lustre. They have been crafted by the dexterous karigars or men from Jaipur city of Rajasthan who excel in making bangles of lakh. They have been engaged in this profession for years and are widely known for their excellent handiwork. The bangles of this set are studded with lustrous crystals that shine with brilliant sheen. The entire set consists of 18 bangles that come in varied sizes and designs. There are 12 thin churis, 2 broad kara and 4 thin kara in the set. Amongst the 12 thin churis or bangles, 12 come in maroon and the other 12 are golden in colour. They have shiny crystals affixed in a single row that lend to them a sophisticated aura.

The 4 thin karas are larger than the bangles and more heavily embellished. They have a row of golden crystals in the middle flanked by square shaped designs on both the sides. Tiny hollow squares are arranged in a regular fashion and have a maroon stone placed on their heart. There are two huge karas that are very broad and have a massive width. These are intricately designed with dazzling crystals and beads. They have a wide panel at the centre where huge maroon and silver crystals are arranged alternatively. The huge crystals are flanked by golden borders. The panel is separated from another outer panel by a row of golden beads. The outer panel is studded with sparkling maroon crystals aligned in a single row. This is further skirted by another row of golden beads which render to it an outstanding finishing.

Key Highlights

Attractive combination of maroon and golden colours

12 thin churi, 4 thin kara, 4 broad kara

Lustrous crystals studded onto the bangles

Style Tips and Occasion

These Rajasthani lakh chura bangles will enhance the beauty of any newlywed bride and give her a striking appearance. It will set her apart from the crowd and lend her a regal aura. It is a staple item in the shopping menu of every bride who wants to showcase her true beauty and make a spectacular appearance. These bangles can also be worn to other social occasions like wedding receptions, anniversaries, festivals or family gatherings. They will provide you with the desired ethnic look. They can be teamed with a wide variety of garments. If you are going to a wedding party or an anniversary, you can wear these dazzling set of bangles with a lustrous georgette or designer saree. If the saree has a touch of maroon or golden colour in it, the bangles will look more attractive. You can also sport these bangles with a heavy anarkali salwar kameez. Women from all ages and complexions can flaunt these bangles. They are very light in weight and can be easily worn for long hours without feeling any discomfort. You can wear one pair of bangles or kara on each hand or pair them with a stylish watch.

Care and Maintenance

You can easily take care of these bridal chura bangles by applying the minimum amount of effort. You can retain the lustre and shimmer of these bangles by storing them safely in a special jewellery box. Spraying perfume on the bangles should be avoided if you want to prevent them from getting damaged. If they are exposed to sweat for a long period of time, gently wipe the surface with a piece of soft damp cloth. While wearing them outdoors, be careful about the studded crystals and make sure that they do not get brushed against other rough surfaces or get entangled with other items of clothing. So what are you waiting for? Buy bridal Rajasthani lakh chura bangles online today to get them delivered to your doorstep at the earliest!

Product Details
Material brass
Colour Name Gold

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