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Multi color pearl anklet

Multi color pearl anklet

Material pearl
Colour Multicolour
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Overview: Multi color pearl anklet

People think that nobody notices their feet so they need not bother to take extra care for them but actually no outfit is complete without proper accessories for your feet. Now you can buy the most awesome anklet to enhance the beauty of your feet, a multi color pearl anklet

Women buy accessories for their ears, for their neck, for their forehead and nose even but forget about their feet, anklets enhance the look of your feet and make them look attractive and appealing. Anklets have been used since ancient times to make the feet look beautiful and attractive. Various kinds of anklets have been used by women in India since early times. Silver has been the main metal in which anklets are made and many women also wore gold anklets. In Bollywood movies they show heroines wearing anklets and showing off the beauty of their feet, the anklets fit on the feet and enhance the shape of the feet making the feet look sexy and attractive.

Presenting a multi color pearl anklet for the modern woman. The beauty of this anklet will make you want to wear it and show off. This anklet is studded with pearls and multi colored stones in a stunning design. The pearls used are of good quality and will not peel off or lose its shine and color for a long time. The stones used are of different colors and the quality of these stones is of the best type. This unique combination of white pearls and multi colored stones woven together in a unique pattern is the most appealing part of these anklets. This pair of anklets have 3 layers, 1 thin and subtle line of gold below that comes the multicolored stones and lastly the pearls. These designer anklets have a traditional appeal with a modern look

Modern Indian women wear a variety of outfits right from a 1 - piece to a sari, a salwar-khameez to jeans, there are so many options in outfits but you need not buy different anklets for different types of outfits, these unique pearl and multicolored stone studded anklets look amazing on salwar khameez, churidhars, leggings, sarees, lehngas, not only that they look equally amazing on jeans so now go ahead and make a style statement with these new and eye-catching anklets

These anklets have been made in unique metal that wont change color for a long time, good quality pearls and multicolored stones that have bright and long lusting luster. The anklets are available in free size of 20m Cm so you need not worry whether they shall fit you or not as they have easily adjustable size features. These anklets are designed and made in such a way that they don't break or snap so there is no fear that they will embarrass you by breaking on important occasions, the metal used is tough and long lasting. When you wear these anklets your feet's curves will be enhanced and they will look beautiful and stunning. These unique and very stylish anklets are available at at a very reasonable rates

This particular product has been created and brought out in the market conforming to the latest fashion trends and demands of the market. Fashion, as an industry is too fickle for comfort. Hence, adopting to the growing demands and the changing needs of the public is the only way forward. This is where this product hits all the right chords. Ergo, this can only enhance your fashion quotient, no two ways about it! brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions before bagging this product for good. Offers valid till stocks last! Happy Shopping!

Product Details
Material pearl
Colour Multicolour

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