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OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue)

OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue)

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Product Description

If you are a music lover, nothing more can catch your eye than this amazing product presented to you by the brand Beats. The OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue) is one of the best headphones in the market presently. The quality of the sound is so good that it is bound to blow your mind. If you have a friend's birthday coming up or if you are confused what gift can you give to your younger brother, buy online OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue) and bring a smile on their face. Let us check out the attributes this phone is offering which will help you in buying the product.

Design and Style

The OEM Mixr Headphones comes in a stylish blue colour. As a man, your favourite colour has to be blue and carrying the blue OEM Mixr Headphones will enrich your personality. If you are a Disc Jockey, no product other than OEM Mixr Headphones will be able to give you such precision. Other local headphones will miss out on the minute details of a music piece which the OEM Mixr Headphones will capture. The OEM Mixr Headphones will give you a heavenly music experience. The sound reduction feature in the OEM Mixr Headphones will enable minimum external sound to enter your ears while you are listening to the music. The ear cups of the OEM Mixr Headphones can easily take a 360 degree turn. So when you want to take out the headphones from your head, there is no need to take it out completely. All you need to do is just turn one of the ear cups around. You can even put the OEM Mixr Headphones around your neck and do whatever you want to and it will not act as a hindrance. The dimensions of the OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue) are 9.1 x 6.9 x 5.3 inches which make it very light and handy. You can carry them whenever you want. The OEM Mixr Headphones will easily fit in your bag. If you already have many musical instruments to carry, do not worry; the headphones are so light that it will consume minimum space.


The OEM Mixr Headphones are of the loudest headphones that can quench your thirst for good music. It is a very rare combination of being the loudest yet very light in weight. The OEM Mixr Headphones comes with dual input as well as chain connectors making it very easy to share what you are listening to with your friends. It runs on a Lithium ion battery which is very powerful and will not drain out fast. The OEM Mixr Headphones are foldable. If you have a smaller bag they can fit inside comfortably. The 3.5mm audio cable enables you to go far away from the electric switch board while you still have your earphones on. A long audio cable will help you to shift from one end of the table to the other without opening it every time. The OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue) is equipped with Π"airline adapter cable and a mic cable which are the striking features of the headphones. Shop online OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue) and bring home an amazing product.

About The Brand

Since 2008, the company Beats has been one of the top brands producing headphones in the arena of music. If you have a Beats product, be rest assured that it will not disappoint you. They believe in delivering quality products. Their products are very durable. The brand offers warranty period to its customers. Hence, if you face any problem regarding the headphones, you can get it exchanged in no time. Depending on the issue, the company may even repair it. The representatives of the company are very helpful and will surely provide you with proper solutions.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the OEM Mixr Headphones Special Editions (Blue) is very easy. A dry cloth comes with the headphones inside the box. With the Beats dry cleaning cloth you should regularly clean the headphones. This will prevent dust from resting on the surface of the headphones and will not be a hindrance between you and your music. When not in use, you are advised to fold the headphones and keep it inside the box. This will also increase the longevity of the product.

Key Features

3.5 mm audio cable

Œ" airline adapter cable

Mic cable

Light weight

Product Details
Brand Beats

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