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8X Zoom Lens Mobile Phone Telescope + Crystal Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 / G900

8X Zoom Lens Mobile Phone Telescope + Crystal Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 / G900

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Product Description

Tired of carrying your traditional camera equipments, but not satisfied with taking pictures with your phones? Unable to take the desired shots with your phone and miss capturing the moments? Unable to get a proper view of a concert or a sporting event? Want to capture shots of animals and birds in a wildlife sanctuary with your phone? Here's a Smartphone accessory called "8X Zoom lens Mobile Phone Telescope, for the Samsung Galaxy S5/G900" which will help you to solve all these issues. Use this accessory to get close to the action scene with no degradation to the quality of the image. The Zoom Lens is wide-angled, which helps in capturing those beautiful landscapes and tight interior shots with minimum distortion. Overcome the shortcoming of the camera of a Smartphone by buying and installing this accessory to your phone. This very easy to clip on and clip off accessory is sure to make your photography life better. The accessory is super light weight making it comfortable to click pictures while it is still installed. Just clip on the Zoom Lens to the back of your phone, adjust the clear focus with your naked eye and you are ready to click shots of things as far as you can see. 

The accessory is manufactured by HKGLOBAL and is branded by EforChina, which is one of the leading wholesalers of electronic products specializing in mobile phone accessories. Headquartered in Shenzhen, china, it supplies and delivers thousands of electronic accessories all over the world with its free shipping guarantee. The amazing and innovative products by this company are attracting a lot of people all over the world. The technology used and applied in making of these products assures a great quality. The high demand is proof of the popularity of this company. The reasonable price is an another big advantage which this company is offering to the customers.

8X zoom in this Zoom Lens telescope for your Smartphone means it can magnify the image up to 8X bigger. 8X Zoom is slightly more than twice the magnification of the human eye. The new Wide Angle lens refers to a lens whose focal length in substantially smaller, which allows more of a scene to be included in the photographic screen by increasing the viewing angle. This is very useful in photography of tight interiors, and landscape photography. The large luminous flux means that the lens is very good for low light photography too, and the photographer need not worry about the light condition while clicking. All of this and good color reduction improves the quality of photographs clicked by your phone. This accessory actually makes your Smartphone's camera look better. The 8X Zoom lens Telescope is suitable for watching sporting events, concerts, animals and birds observations, sea observations, forestry managers, port dispatcher of railways and traffics administrative departments to collect evidence and enforce laws. This is also a very useful accessory for private detectives helping them click photos for evidence. This style Zoom Lens Telescope is very sleek and well designed. The Zoom Lens comes with a hard crystal case which protects the Zoom lens from any damage. Also included in the box is a neck strap for the lens, and a cleaning cloth. The product is light in weight and you can easily carry it in your bag. Just clip this super-useful accessory to your Samsung Galaxy S5/G900 and it turns you into a professional photographer. 

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Product Features

  • Function:
  • Overcome the short coming of camera cell-phone that can only near-sighted, it also makes distant view for you. Advantage:
  • The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography
  • Purpose:
  • Suitable for watching match, concoct, travel, animal observes fans, newspaper-man shoots remotely, forestry manages, port dispatcher of the railway, traffic administrative department to collect evidence, public security organs to enforce the law and collect evidence etc.
Product Details
Manufacturer HKGLOBAL
Brand EForChina
Model Number EFC18808

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