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MineCraft (PS3)

MineCraft (PS3)

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Overview: Minecraft

Unleash your imagination with the critically acclaimed MineCraft video game. It was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang. MineCraft as the name suggests, is a crafting game where a player has to build constructions out of textured cubes. Being an open world game, the player does not have any specific goal to accomplish; instead, he is free to imagine and keep building 3D blocks. A gamer could create anything from a small house to a grand cityscape. The only hurdle to this creative splurge is the deadly monsters that come during night time. If you can survive, the world is at your feet for you to create again! This is the PlayStation edition.

In MineCraft for PS3, the only limit is your imagination! Apart from building blocks, other activities in this video game include exploring, gathering resources and combat. Crafting in MineCraft is the most critical job you have in hand. From building simple tools to houses and even crafting food to eat, MineCraft is a parallel world where you exist. Thanks to the tutorial mode, you can learn your way through the game. The game is pretty simple – either you play on your own or cooperatively with your friends. For the co-op mode, either play with 2/4 players in a split screen mode or eight players in an online multiplayer mode. Craft all sorts of items that you fancy with the MineCraft game.

Features: Minecraft

  • •Learn your way around one block at a time in the new tutorial mode.
  • •Craft all sorts of items from boats to diamond armour and create enormous structures.
  • •Team up with friends in eight-player online multiplayer and four-player split screen modes.

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