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Black Forest Round Cake

Black Forest Round Cake

Brand Monginis
Flavour black forest
Item Package Quantity 1
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Product Description

If you have a birthday party round the corner and you are presently looking for a delicious chocolate cake, then you can take a look at this Monginis cake. It is not only very tasty but also has an awesome look. Here is your chance to shop online for Monginis Black Forest chocolate cake. Let us check out the special features that make this cake an amazing choice to be purchased online.

Product Description

This Black Forest cake is presented to you by the famous brand Monginis that was established in 1956 by Husseini Khorakiwala, a visionary genius belonging to the Khorakiwala family. Since then, it has strived to provide high quality products by creating a vast array of cakes, chocolates, pastries and cookies. You can find outlets of Monginis in 12 cities all over India and 2 in Egypt. Many people believe that the Black Forest cake is named after the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) mountain range that is situated in the southwestern part of Germany. However, it is quite interesting to note that the name of the cake has been derived from a special liquor to be found in that region namely Schwarzwälder Kirsch (wasser) that is extracted from high quality tart cherries. The unique cherry pit flavor and alcoholic content that constitutes this ingredient renders the cake a truly delectable flavour.

The cake is rich in its ingredients and offers a lip-smacking taste. The cake is composed of a fresh chocolate sponge that is placed at the base. It is covered with thick layers of freshly whipped cream. The cake comes in a round shape and is decorated with a striking combination of dark brown, white and red colours. The upper part of the cake features a white creamy panel on the outer brim that is adorned with thin vertical patterns arranged in alternate fashion. There are six floral shaped motifs created by white cream that are placed at regular intervals upon the circular white panel. Atop these floral motifs, lustrous red cherries have been put that not only give the cake a beautiful look but also make it very yummy in taste. Amidst this panel, there are short flakes of dark chocolate scattered heavily. On the surrounding body of the cake, more chocolate flakes can be found stuck onto a white creamy surface.

Why you'll love the cake

This chocolate cake by Monginis is one of the most well-known cakes that are loved by most people who are ardent chocolate lovers. The combined taste of chocolate and cream leaves a lingering taste on your taste buds that will stay with you for a long time. The rich, creamy and mouth-watering taste will undoubtedly appease your appetite and keep you longing for more. The cherries that are used to make this cake are chosen in such a manner so that you can enjoy a refreshing and sweet taste. They are soft and juicy that will complement the taste of chocolate and cream to offer you an unforgettable experience.

It is moderately sized and weighs 0.5 kg that is big enough to feed at least ten people. Monginis Black Forest cake is perfect for any occasion. You can purchase it if there is a birthday or anniversary celebration. You can gift it to your close ones or a family member. In fact, you can gift the cake to your sweetheart if you want to express your love, care and emotions in a magnified and special way. It is not just a cake but also a gift of love. It can be enjoyed equally by people belonging to any age group. Kids will love to indulge in this cake and relish its exquisite taste.

Key Highlights

Attractive look

Combination of fresh cream and dark chocolate

Fresh and soft cherries

Chocolate flakes

So what are you waiting for? Buy Monginis Black Forest cake online today from any corner of the world and gift it to your loved ones!

Product Features

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Product Details
Brand Monginis
Flavour black forest
Item Package Quantity 1

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