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Mono Backcover for Apple iPhone 5c - Black

Mono Backcover for Apple iPhone 5c - Black

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Product Description

Mono Hard Plastic Back cover for Apple iPhone 5c -Black

Product description

for iphone lovers, here is an option to protect the most vulnerable and expensive phone of the universe. Every single person knows iphone is the most wanted and demanded phones among the other smart phones in the world and worthy of its cost. But many of us even know that owning an iphone means owning something that is the most fragile things and needs rough handling. Hence this simple and magical iphone case for 5c users.

Product specification

This black iphone case is made of a very high quality and hard plastic that is coated with a sheet of rubber like material, that gives the user a soft feeling while touched. This shields your iphone from external damages such as scratches and bumps. Anyone would like to hold the phone in their hands and show off the pride of owning the most expensive phones. But not every time will one be careful to protect the phone from falling. In that case, this case protects the phone from scratches and breakage. Though this cant save your phone from water troubles.

Apart from keeping the phone in your hands, the only option is to put them in your pockets. In that case, zips or other sharp materials like coins many also lead to phone scratch. This case is ultra thin, slim and fits around your phone perfectly and there are proper facilities for charging and connecting USB cables separately without removing the case. They are precise openings and also, the case is weightless without adding to the weight of the phone. There are many colors available in this case, and many designs printed in it. Not only this, the case also comes with a seven day warranty against all manufacturing defects and damages.

About the manufacturer

From Monokase, leading manufacturers of many daily life accessories, the case from mono is the prfect shield for your favorite phone. Not just this, the case fits perfectly around the phone that it prevents it the screen from direct fall in case the phone falls down, because of its thick edges. The case does not lose its color and also has the logo of Apple printed in it, like the original cases from the company itself, along with the model number at the bottom.

Available in many colors and funky designs, this plain black is also suitable for any sort of a formal environment. From business meetings to formal trips, the case is a perfect match and protects your mobile phone from external damages. Removal and fitting of the case is also very easy and the color does not rupture, even after a longer time of usage. Also, this does not heaten up the phone and supports any sort of a seasonal change. So, for those who cannot afford to gift an iphone for your friend or loved one, this is the right choice. Gift this case that protects their phone from any threshold. The case is durable and the cost is also worth for this costly branded phone.

Avail some fantastic prices and visit right now before the offer runs out. What are you waiting for? brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • CATEGORY : Carry Cases
Product Details
Brand Monokase
Warranty 7 Days Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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