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AND Monochrome Lines High Low Crop Top-Black-2L
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AND Monochrome Lines High Low Crop Top-Black-2L

Brand AND
Material Blend
Colour Black
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Overview: AND Monochrome Lines High Low Crop Top-Black-2L

Crop tops have been around since at least the 1980s as a western fashion trend, but cholis have been around for much longer. What do these two articles of clothing have in common? Well, they kind of artfully show off your belly and midriff. Of course, to really pull this look off you have to be in shape, but today these outfits are not nearly as outlandish as they were when pop stars were sporting them to scandalize people. Will everyone's eyes still be on you? That's a resounding yes.

With an array of unevenly arranged lines, of varying thickness, the Monochrome Lines High Low Crop Top manages to give you the carelessly lined effect, without making you look striped, which wouldn't look half as sophisticated. From the back, it looks like a pretty normal black and white top, with perky black cap sleeves, and brass buttons down the middle. Only from the sides or the front can you see the sudden upward scoop, the 'cropped' section, which rises quite high; well above the belly button, ending a few inches below the bust. The neckline is quite high up, and this gives the effect of a rather long, lean torso. This top will definitely make a fashion statement, as well as a statement on your own self confidence in your own skin.

However even if you're not comfortable showing off your tummy (maybe you need a few more weekends in the gym, or it's a personal choice not to show skin) there's no reason for you to pass up this stylish top. A great way to wear a crop top, especially in regions with colder weather is 'layering'. That is, wearing more than one top at once. Simply wear a tank top below your crop top, and voila! Fashion statement made.

You can do virtually anything you like with this top, since monochrome is so versatile. Couple it with black, white, or blue jeans, or spice it up with a lemon yellow or crimson red skirt. Crop tops are also great for accessorizing; large chunky belts go great with crop tops, and they will be the focal point of your ensemble. And if you have a secret collection of belly button rings? No better way to show them off. So have fun with your AND monochrome lines crop top. You'll look fabulous.

Product Details
Brand AND
Material Blend
Colour Black

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