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Most and More

Most and More

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Language English
Contributor(s) Mahatria Ra
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: Most and More

Written by T.T Rangarajan the book Most and More is a self motivational book. Over the course of the book the author talks about the abundance in everyone's life and how this abundance is just waiting to be tapped by people. The author T.T Rangarajan talks about success. He says that everyone can achieve success, and there are always different ways to find success. He talks about the different techniques that his readers can use to find success and make their dreams come true by just pushing themselves.

One thing the book Most and More focuses on is mediocrity. The author says a lost of people are blinded by the shackles of mediocrity. It is this that holds them down and makes them think they are not good enough. The author talks about routine and how doing the same things over and over again will lead to the same results and if someone wants to do something that is different then he or she will have to put in an effort that has never been put in before in order to have extraordinary results.

The author talks about how if we follow the paths that other people have taken we will only reach the same places that they have reached. Therefore, in order to be different, it is necessary to stand out and take the paths that people have not taken in the past. People need to have the courage and will to do what no one has before.

T.T. Rangarajan is a new age spiritual leader and the founder of Alma Mater. He is also known as Rajan or Mahatria. Alma Mater is dedicated to spiritual enlightenment as well as holistic mastery of the mind and body. Apart from that he is editor of a magazine called Infinithoughts. Other books he has written include the Unposted Letter. This paperback has an ISBN 10 number of 819038161X and an ISBN 13 number of 978-8190381611.

Features: Most and More

  • Self-Help
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 1, 2011
Publisher Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Contributor(s) Mahatria Ra
Binding Hardcover
Edition -
Page Count 242
ISBN 10 819038161X
ISBN 13 9788190381611
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