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Mothertouch Blue 2-in-1 Swing
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Mothertouch Blue 2-in-1 Swing

Brand Mothertouch
Colour Blue
Material Other
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Overview: Mothertouch Blue 2-in-1 Swing

Taking into consideration the hectic lives of today's parents, baby swings are a must have nowadays. They are really handy for calming fussy babies and providing the parents some time to sit back, relax and finish some other tasks. If you are in search of one, then just checkout the Blue 2-in-1 Swing from the house of Mothertouch.


This blue swing is made of blue coloured premium fabric decorated with eye-catching patterns of teddy bear, flowers and heart shapes. It is attached with swing belt the length of which is 1.5m. The partition at the front allows you make your baby sit with the legs apart. It also provides support so that they don't fall off. The safety belt keeps your baby secured in place.  It weighs around 1kg and its dimensions are 19 x 14 x 17 inch. It comes packed in a box the dimensions of which are 19.5 x 14.5 x 2 inch.

Key highlights

This baby stroller is sturdy and lightweight.

The back of the swing can be adjusted to two different positions - one for sitting and one for sleeping.

The safety belt with a clasp holds your child in place when he is seated in it and keeps him comfy all through his playtime.

It is designed for babies above 6 months and can hold up to a weight of approximately 8kg.

It is a unisex product.

Why should you go for this swing?

The first reason for which you should go for the Mothertouch Blue 2-in-1 Swing is that it serves 2 in 1 purpose. You can make your baby sit as well as sleep on this swing. The eye-catching animated patterns are really appealing for your child and will keep him or her happy and engrossed throughout the day. Babies usually love the snug feeling and this swing will keep your little one cozy. The swing rocks your baby back and forth and if your baby is sleepy, the rhythmic motions will help in putting them asleep. So if you really want to take out sometime for yourself, then shop this Blue 2-in-1 Baby Swing online and make your life easier.

Basic factors to be considered while choosing a swing for your baby

Shopping for baby swings is actually a daunting task. There are many versions available in the market, but you have to consider the features that you are looking for before making the purchase. Several vital things that you should consider are that it should be sturdy, absolutely safe, it has a reclining seat, it should have variable speed, whether it is suitable for his or her age group, the maximum weight it can hold and it should have a wide base at the bottom for better support. For younger babies, you should go for swings the height of which is closer to the floor. One more important factor that you need to consider is it can be easily carried form one place to another.

Great tool for fussy babies

It has been seen that nowadays babies are quite fussy. They demand your attention everytime. In such cases, baby swings can prove to be a useful tool that will help soothe your baby and make him or her fall asleep. If you get baby a swing, it plays a great role in calming them down and diverting their attention. Younger babies usually crave for the coziness in their mother's lap, a swing can be a good substitute in this case to give them the cozy feel. Studies say that a baby swing can also help establish sleeping patterns.

Few safety tips for using a baby swing

Never leave your baby unattended while he or she is in the swing.

Ensure that the baby is not left in the swings for more than thirty minutes at a stretch, or else, they might feel queasy.

Always check the weight limits for your swing to avoid any mishaps.

So buy this 2-in-1 Swing online and make your little one happy today.

Features: Mothertouch Blue 2-in-1 Swing

  • Keep your little one cosy
  • Back can adjustable to 2 position for sleeping and seating
  • With swing belt
  • Premium collection of fabric , colours and prints
  • The length of the belt is 1.5m
Product Details
Manufacturer Mothertouch
Manufacturer Part Number SSB
Brand Mothertouch
Model Number SSTD
Colour Blue
Target Audience Male
Material Other
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 48.3 cm x 35.6 cm x 43.2 cm

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Overall Rating 3.6 out of 5 stars
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