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Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe - Pink
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Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe - Pink

Brand Mothertouch
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Overview: Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe - Pink

One of the crucial phases your child goes through is when he learns to walk. This is why you need to take special care of your little one, as he gets busy trying to walk by himself. One of the best things you can get him at this point of time is a baby walker, for it aids your child to take his initial steps and it is a fun experience too. The Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe is one such product that makes walking easy for your baby. It can also be used as a swing. Moreover, this walker prompts quicker growth and helps your little one move around independently. You can now buy this baby walker online. However, make it a point to visit the Junglee website before that in order to compare prices. Doing so could help you save some money.

Combination of different modes allow your child to have fun

This baby walker comes with a 3 in 1 feature. In other words, it could be used for multiple purposes. Your baby can enjoy rocking in it, or he could swing, or move around on his little feet wherever he wants. This walker has been specially designed for easy movement, which makes it fun for your little one to use.

Swing belt helps protect your child

If you are worried about your child falling or toppling over, then you need not worry any longer. This is because it comes with a swing belt, which secures your child to the walker. The belt ensures he is safe, and you can go about your daily chores without any worry.

Toy bar helps keep your baby occupied

The Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe comes in an attractive pink colour and includes a toy bar as well. These keep your baby entertained as well as occupied.

Snack tray makes it easy for you to keep food stuff on it

Often mothers face a problem feeding their babies in a walker. Now with this model, it should not be a hassle at all. This is because it has a snack bar attached to it, which is durable enough to hold food stuff easily. As a result, you can feed your child effortlessly.

Features: Mothertouch 3 In 1 Walker Deluxe - Pink

  • 68 x 50 x 66 cm, Swing belt for safety, includes toy bar and durable snack tray
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Brand Mothertouch

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