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Mukesh Bhatt's Presents Kalyug Starring Kunal Khemu (Actor), Smily Suri (Actor) (DVD) All Regions, CD & Making Of

Mukesh Bhatt's Presents Kalyug Starring Kunal Khemu (Actor), Smily Suri (Actor) (DVD) All Regions, CD & Making Of

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Product Description

Mohit Suri�s directed movie �Kalyug� is a bollywood film which has all the segments of drama, action, and thrill. The film is based on the pornography and its distressing effects on the masses. The film has let out such issues and subjects and has encouraged a power to fight against illegal porn. It was released on December 9, 2005 and became a massive success over the years. It was kunal Khemu�s first debut film as an adult artist. The star cast also includes Emraan Hashmi, Amrita Singh, and Smiley Suri. In this DVD we will see both the movie and making of the movie.

Kunal (Kunal Khemu) had to leave Kashmir by terrorists to be refugees in their own nation with his father Pushkaran (Amitabh Bhattacharjee) with thousand other families of Kashmiri Pandits. Kunal re-located to Bombay with his father Pushkaran, where they lived a very normal life in a one room set. Bombay is a place where Kunal grew and settled. He even got a job at a local gym in Bombay. One day, police came to his house and informed him that while travelling in a crowded local train his father had lost clutch of his hand and fallen out of the train. Kunal�s father died at the moment only, and his death has left Kunal devastated and distressed. After few days of his father�s death, he got a call from his relatives staying in Jammu informing him about his father�s wish to take care of a young girl named Renuka (Smiley Suri) after his death. Kunal wanted to fulfill every wish that he had, so he agreed for the same too. He agreed to take care of Renuka, but when Renuka came to Bombay and found that Pushkaran is no more she decided to go back to his town. Kunal did not offend her choice of going back but her tickets are already reserved for after a week. Renuka had no choice other than staying with kunal for a week and during this stay they came closer to each other, fallen in love, and ultimately got married.

Kunal and Renuka went for honeymoon, and all the intimacy that took place on their first night after marriage was recorded in a camera by Johny (Ashutosh Rana) and Simi Roy (Amrita Singh), who is also the creator of this porn website. This porn video turned them into porn stars. Renuka could not take the humiliation and embarrassment and decides to finish her life. After the death of Renuka, Kunal is arrested for making illegal porn video and sharing it online. Kunal struggles and at the end proves himself blameless. Then he and his friend Ali (Emraan Hashmi) put their day and life to find suspicions so that they could reach the real victims (Simi Roy and Johny) and take payback of Renuka�s murder.

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Format DVD
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