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Multipurpose Accessory Combo of Wheel light with Motion Sensor & 2 Angel Eye & LED Light for Bike Handle Grip

Multipurpose Accessory Combo of Wheel light with Motion Sensor & 2 Angel Eye & LED Light for Bike Handle Grip

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Product Description

Multipurpose Accessory Combo of Wheel light with Motion Sensor & 2 Angel Eye & LED Light for Bike Handle Grip

Branded presents beautiful, durable and bright lumen car and bike accessories to adorn your vehicle with a style. These lights will definitely make your vehicle look different and many heads will certainly turn back to have a look at your vehicle as you pass by.

Features of the Product

Branded has brought a combo package to beautify your vehicle. Special decorative accessories are trendy and portray your modern taste in front of friends and family. First component of the package is a pair of two angel eyes for your vehicle. You can use these angel eyes in place of headlights or as an exterior lamp of the car. These eyes look as if they are the eyes of the vehicle and they are scrutinizing the road for you. These angel eyes give blue colour light. Lumen produced by these angel eyes is bright and intense. They will cover a large band width when switched on in night while driving. They can be easily installed in place of regular headlights in your car and bike without any extra effort or expenses. They increase the beauty quotient of the vehicle and become a style statement for the owner. With such beautiful accessories on the vehicle interest of the driver in driving the vehicle will increase many fold. It is not only show put up but it is very economical and durable. It will last long and do not need any maintenance. Besides all this, these lights are much more environmental friendly as compared to regular neon lights used in the cars and bikes. As theses eyes have LED lighting system so they do not produce heat like neon lights. They do not have any contribution in increasing environmental temperature.

Second component of the package deals with beautification of the wheels. You get special blue LED wheel lights that add a touch of style and elegance to the wheels of the cars. These wheel lights are very easy to install. You just have to unscrew original valve cap from the tyres ad screw these wheel lights on its place. These wheel lights have motion sensor in them and they automatically starts when the wheel of the car rotates. Your car with lighted wheels looks like a decorated bride moving on the roads of the city. These wheel lights are not limited to be used in the cars but can also be used on the wheels of motor cycle and other two wheelers. These wheel lights also have light sensors along with motion sensors. These light sensors ensure that the light remains off during the daytime and gets on only when the car moves in night. These wheel lights are waterproof and do not get damaged at the time of car washing or rains or when a car goes through a puddle of water.

Third component of the bike is amazing bike handles with LED light. These bike handles are of 60mm length and 18 mm diameter. Corners of the handle have blue LED light which shines in the night as you move around in the city. These handle lights are available in three colours - red, blue and dancing red and blue. These stylish lights will make your bike look unique and out of the crowd. It will definitely grab many people's attention.

So hurry and decorate your vehicle with these stylish accessories only at brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Brand Unknown
Colour Name Light color: blue
Item Package Quantity 1

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