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Multiutility Ultimate Chopper, Dicer And Cutter

Multiutility Ultimate Chopper, Dicer And Cutter

Brand Shoppers Store
Model Number Favourite Cutter
Material other
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Overview: Multiutility Ultimate Chopper, Dicer And Cutter

Branded Multiutility Chopper, Dicer And Cutter, makes it easy for you to chop, cut and dice. Tasks like chopping, dicing and cutting are very easy and much less time consuming with the help of this vegetable and fruit cutter. These days people lack the time as well as patience to dice or chop vegetables carefully and neatly while cooking. Many people shy away from cutting vegetables because it requires extra caution. One has to be careful when cutting vegetables, after all. Otherwise, accidental injuries are inevitable. This vegetable chopper makes your task easy. With this handy machine close at hand, you can enjoy vegetable chopping and cutting as well as the entire cooking session. Not only that, this vegetable and fruit cutter looks nice and trendy. It is useful as well as a wonderful looking kitchen appliance.

Sharp blades speed up the cutting process

The efficiency of this cutter can be put down to the sharpness of its blades. It comes with two sharp blades that cut, chop and dice vegetables as well as fruits efficiently and smoothly, in one attempt. Suppose you are cooking an elaborate meal for your guests, or you are in a hurry to leave for office. Quite obviously you don't have enough time to chop, cut or dice veggies manually. This vegetable chopper solves all your problems. It chops a considerably large amount veggies in one go. As a result, you can save time as well as labour.

A vegetable cutter made of high quality stainless steel

This multiutility chopper, dicer and cutter is made of good quality stainless steel. This material does not rust or retain any kind of stains. As a result, you can easily use it regularly without much caution or consciousness. You can easily wash this cutter with water. For better result, you can use a few drops of cleaning gel as well.

An easy-to-clean kitchen appliance

This kitchen appliance is very easy to wash as well as use. You can easily dismantle it and clean all its parts thoroughly and carefully. It comes with two interchangeable blades which you can remove to wash after use. This dicer can be used to cut onions, potatoes, mushrooms as well as other vegetables and fruits.
Product Details
Brand Shoppers Store
Model Number Favourite Cutter
Colour Name White
Material other

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