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Murrays Pomade, 3 oz by Murray
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Murrays Pomade, 3 oz by Murray

Lowest online price: 1,087
Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 85 grams
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Overview: Murrays Pomade

If you loved the slick back hairstyles flaunted by the heroes of vintage films and wish to try one such hairstyle in a upcoming event, then it is important for you to have a box of pomade for this purpose. This hair product was a popular choice among the males who belonged to 30s to 60s as it helped their neat and short hairstyle look very elegant and let the hair to stay put for long hours. Unlike the hair sprays and hair gels of today, the pomade has very few ingredients that are natural which makes it safe for both your hair and skin. If you wish to get an idea about the pomades that were used by the hair dressers in their saloon with the typical barber shop scent to bring back that nostalgic feel then, grab a box of Murrays Pomade, 3 oz. to recreate a retro hairstyle in various styles.

Super light formula that merges well with hair

The superior light pomade from Murray has a shiny and soft appearance when applied on your hair as it is light weight and can help your hair to stay put in a specific position for long hours. This formulation of the pomade makes it a best choice for your bad hair days as you can now deal with your rough and unruly hair in just few minutes. You can achieve the desired look in a jiffy while enjoy a bit of shine on your hair that offers a rich tone to your hair colour. It has some effective ingredients such as aloe, Vaseline and lanolin along with coconut oil that lends it a soft aroma which is pleasant and makes it a best option to style hair. This product is free from all kinds of harsh chemicals, acids or alkalis, which makes it safe for everyday use.

How to style hair with pomade from Murray?

This product from Murray is developed to offer good results in hair styling as it has the formulation to enhance your hair's texture, lift or add volume to your hair while holding it for many hours in a day. It also offers a slick and shiny appeal to your hair. You just need to take some small amount of pomade in your hands and rub it in to your hair and then use comb or brush to style your hair. If you wish to create a wavy look then opt for overnight application on damp hair straight away. Use a hair cap or a stocking cap to prevent it from spoiling your pillow covers and sheets. To soften the pomade you have to rub it in both palms of your hands before massaging it to your hair. As it is safe to use, you need not have any concerns in leaving it on the hair all day. However use only a small amount if you prefer to wash your hair every day. This hair styling product from Murray is offered at at very attractive prices.

Features: Murrays Pomade

  • For the clean neat look with plenty of style control
  • Provides conditioning and manageability for the clean neat look
  • Contains aloe lanolin and coconut oil
  • Pleasant familiar barbershop scent
  • Hair stays pliable for restyling
Product Details
Manufacturer Quidsi
Manufacturer Part Number ULT-040
Brand Murray
Model Number MRSHP
Target Gender Unisex
Theme quidsi-primarysite-soap
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 85 grams
Product Dimensions 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 4.5 cm

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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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