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Muscle Pharm AS42 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Muscle Pharm AS42 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 5 grams
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Overview: Muscle Pharm As42 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Did you know that muscles can only grow if your body retains more nitrogen? And one of the most effective nitrogen sources happens to be whey protein. Here's the key to lean muscle building, if that's what you are seeking, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey 5 Lbs. This high-quality ultra micofiltered whey protein for muscle recovery and growth is great tasting and gluten free. When you choose this, you are relying on a purer and more superior protein supplement that will help fuel your workout performance and maximise your recovery time as well. MusclePharm®'s world-renowned scientists teamed up with legendary fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger to work on a superior whey supplement. They were planning to introduce a higher protein formula that would enhance nitrogen retention. With the ultra micofiltered whey protein delivering amino acids directly into the bloodstream nitrogen-rich environment is created and this is conducive for muscle protein synthesis.

Mixes Easily and Digests Fast

Athletes need to regularly supplement with dietary protein as they are one of the human body's most important nutrients. This easy-to-mix dietary supplement is the key to building lean muscle. It contains 22 grams of the high quality whey protein. For those who believe that there is no need to replenish essential nutrients as they don't live here, think again. Regardless of age and physical activity level, whey protein is essential for every nutrition regime. It serves as your body's catalyst for muscle growth and protein synthesis irrespective of your age or physical activity level. Want to shop online for health supplements? Learn more about the best-selling sports nutrition products and find high-quality dietary supplements online. We have a host of online retailers selling science-based performance nutrition products that can be used based on your needs. Junglee lets you get in touch with sellers by directing you to their websites.

Product Details
Manufacturer Arnold Schwarzenegger Series
Brand Arnold Schwarzenegger Series
Target Gender Unisex
Theme Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 5 grams

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