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My Book of Art & Craft - Pack of 5 Titles

My Book of Art & Craft - Pack of 5 Titles

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Language English
Contributor(s) Dreamland Publications
Binding Paperback
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Overview: My Book of Art & Craft - Pack of 5 Titles

One of the most important way kids learn in their younger age is through creativity and the joy associated with it is like no other. Art and crafts not only bring sheer joy on the face of the kids, but at a deeper level, it is responsible for the development of your child in many ways. This set of books from Dreamland Publications has five books of art and crafts that is sure to bring out the best in your child by stimulating their creativity. These books with different themes each will help your kids learn with fun.

Beyond Paint and Paper

Sometimes, it's just pure joy watching the little ones dip their little fingers in the paint and create something wonderfully new each time. The level of concentration that shows on the face of the children while painting or creating something, is the proof that art and crafts can hugely help them in retaining attention for a considerable period of time. If encouraged properly by the parents, it will prove to be of great help to the kid in future. Scientifically speaking, art and craft have five important benefits like bilateral coordination, fine motor coordination, self regulation, self-esteem booster, bonding and fun. This proves that along with having fun, there is a lot more complex process of mental and psychological development that is taking place in the entire process. Probably, that is the reason why creative activities like painting and crafts are widely encouraged in schools and play homes.

My Book of Art and Craft is one such set of books that has everything your kid needs to develop his/her creativity and does it the fun way. The set of 5 books are in different themes that pose various types creative challenges that your kid will be more than happy to face. There are different art and craft techniques introduced to the kids which are sure to hold the kid's interest. Right from creating something with ice cream sticks to creating drawings using naturally available resources like dried grass or small flowers, the book helps your kid explore and think out of the box. Being able to create something out of waste is an art that needs to be taught to kids from a very young age and this book helps you do just that. By introducing the young ones to different elements, we are providing them with an opportunity to build on something that they will enjoy doing for years to come.

Check out this amazingly creative My Book of Art and Craft published by Dreamland Publishers on Junglee to buy it at lowest price and help your child start a new hobby. Who knows, your little one might become the next Michelangelo!!

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date April 1, 2014
Publisher NA
Contributor(s) Dreamland Publications
Binding Paperback
Page Count 40
ISBN 10 8184518153
ISBN 13 9788184518153
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