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NBD Back Cover For Panasonic P31 (Black)
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NBD Back Cover For Panasonic P31 (Black)

Colour Black
Compatible Devices Panasonic P31
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Product Description

One thing in our life which we cannot go without even for a day happens to be our phone. And as important it is for us in our daily working, we often forget to take good care of it or get careless about it which often results in damage, accidental or otherwise, to our beloved smartphone. Hence, in order to meet the challenges of everyday life, the phone must be equipped with a protection which makes it look exquisite and also protects it from small damages which might happen due to our negligence. Such a product for the Panasonic P31 smartphone is the back cover provided by NBD. With this cover, it is very easy to protect your phone from scratches, damage due to slipping from pockets, back scratching due to repeated clash against the places where it is put and drops of water which might get sprinkled otherwise. The NBD back cover for panasonic P31 is the ultimate simple product for your smartphone.

Comfortable to hold, easy to fit

The NBD Panasonic Back cover for Panasonic P31 is customized specially for the phone and fits perfectly to the tee. With the outer dimension of 18 x 66 centimeters and a weight of around 155 grams, the cover hardly adds anything to your phone n terms of weight and width. The comfortable grip allows you to hold it properly while talking, using, on the run or simply while using it on the go and prevents it from slipping through your hands or fingers. It is custom built for the Panasonic P31 and hence it has all the relevant slots for volume buttons, charger and headset ports, camera lens and speakers in the right areas and hence you don't have to bother yourself with making t fit your phone as it already is tested and built for the same.

Hardy and provides protection for the phone

The Panasonic P31 is a product made from high quality plastic which protects your phone from dust, liquids, stray particles and other substances which might act as a corrosive when the phone is rubbed again and again against them like tables, glass, office desks and others. The tight fitting and perfect setting of the cover prevents dust from entering through the sides and it also prevents the back of the phone from getting scratched. The most important protection is the one it offers from accidental damage due to falling or from negligence. The cover is hardy and properly curved at the edges which protect the phone as well as the screen from accidental damage like falling from a table, falling out of pockets and other high places. The slight increase in width provided by the cover is actually beneficial for the phone as the cover takes the damage and the cover is protected. So it forms an additional protective covering over the phone just like a screen guard is for the phone screen.

Stylish and easy to install and remove

The Panasonic P31 back cover is easy to install or remove from the phone and can be done without any professional help. The cover is flexible and made especially for the phone and so it has the proper curves and elasticity which makes it possible to install or remove it from the phone with ease. Also, the material is rounded on the edges and is soft and hence the frequent installation and removal activities do not leave any scratches or marks on the phone. Furthermore, the black color gives a great overall look to the phone and makes it all the more attractive, serving as a great additional accessory.

The cover is well designed for the phone and at the highly affordable price; it is indeed the best friend for your phone. Order now from and avail attractive offers and the best pricing for the product and get it shipped to your location without any hassle.

Product Features

  • Dimension (cm) : 18*66
  • Weight (g) : 115
  • Comfortable grip
  • Comprehensive protection from dust
  • Package content : 1 case
Product Details
Manufacturer NBD
Brand NBD
Model Number PANASONIC P31
Colour Black
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover
Compatible Devices Panasonic P31

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