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  • Provides a Fashionable Look and Feel
  • Perfect fitting for your TABLET
  • Easily accessible button space
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Product Description

Technology has now become an integral part of our life. From cooking to working, we need technology for everything. One of the most common forms in which technology has touched our lives is through personal computers. The most common form of computer systems used by people all across the globe is that of the laptop. Laptops are sleek, compact and lightweight and hence are preferred by most people around the world. However, of late, a new product i.e. the tablet has come to the forefront. Tablets are smaller devices but offer the same computing ability as that of a laptop. You can easily carry them around and use it just as you would use a laptop. Tablets have become the latest sensation in the personal computing space. These devices offer the best and latest of technology and are faster and more convenient to use. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is to protect them from damage due to dust, dirt and moisture. These systems are extremely sensitive because of the complex systems that are incorporated in them and hence are susceptible to damage due to external pollutants and slips and falls. If you are a tablet owner, it is high time you get yourself a good quality cover that protects your device from damage. Here is a high quality back case for the iBall slide that can protect your device from scratches, dents and dirt. >

The NBD back cover for the iBall slide is a smart choice for those who not only want protection for their tablets, but would want to make it look good. This product comes in a brilliant blue colour and can add a lot of style and spunk to your device. This back cover is made of high quality material that is resistant to daily wear and tear. It is designed to fit your device tightly and cover spaces through which dust and dirt might enter inside. It also protects your device from moisture and the damage that may result thereof. The smart design of this product gives you a good grip on your device, thus minimising chances of slips and falls. The cleverly designed cut outs in the product allow you to gain full access to keys and buttons that are placed on the sides of the device. You can easily use the camera on your tablet without having to remove the cover. So impress your friends and colleagues with your sense of style with this beautiful back cover for your precious tablet.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by NBD.

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Product Features

  • Provides a Fashionable Look and Feel
  • Perfect fitting for your TABLET
  • Easily accessible button space
  • Protect from dump and drops
  • Low Price
Product Details
Manufacturer CHINA
Brand NBD
Model Number IBall Slide 7236 BLUE
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover

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