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Brand Nestle
Size 400G TIN
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Overview: Nestle Nan Pro Infant Formula 1 Powder From Birth 400g Tin

Nestle NAN Pro 1 is a healthy nutrient for your infant which can be given to the baby from its infancy. The health of her baby is most important for a new mother and no compromises can be made in what is best for the infant. Infant formula is one of the most important decisions for a mother because the formula is solely responsible for the growth of the infant as it is a food source. Therefore care needs to be taken in deciding what formula to give the baby. Nestle has been synonymous with nutrition and baby food supplements since the very eighteenth century and therefore their products have evolved over time to incorporate the needs of the infant and today have been designed to suit those very needs. Nestle NAN Pro is a spray dried infant formula; the process is specifically focuses towards ensuring that the formula is suited for a newborn baby. In the process of spray drying all the ingredients are mixed together, homogenized pasteurized and then spray dried to result in a powder. The pasteurization process ensures that all the ingredients become cleansed and free of any foreign bodies. The spray drying process also ensures the all nutrients are evenly distributed.

The formula is a balanced combination problend, Immunonutrients, Essentials fatty acids and bifidogenic nutrients. This combination is designed to assist in sustaining immunity in the infant in addition to the growth and development. Which are further supported by the presense of whey protein in the formula. Protein is known for its importance in a diet as it is primarily responsible for helping in the growth of cells and repair. The presence of whey protein in NAN Pro 1 not only ensures that the formula is nutritious for the infant in its growing years but also makes the formula easy to digest. The protein content is customized for a breast feeding infant.

Additional nutrients like Nucleotides, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A and C are also added to the mix to support the immune system. The physiology of a infant fed on breast milk has -Bifidobacteria in the stomach, keeping this in mind NAN Pro 1 has a blend of nutrients which sustain the growth of bifidobacteria.A balanced and healthy flora in the Childs abdomen helps in supporting the immune system.

The formula also contains -LA (omega 6 fatty acid {FA} & ALA (omega 3 FA) are originators of ARA and DHA which are important for the defense system of the infant. The presence of -ALA, Iron & lodline helps in development of the brain and Vitamin A contributes towards the infant developing a healthy vision.

The formula is designed exclusively for infants who are of the age where they need to be breast fed; it contains nutrients and supplements in a well balanced ratio which boosts the infant's growth, development and overall health. Nestle NAN Pro is CURRENTLY available at at a great price.

Product Details
Brand Nestle
Size 400G TIN

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     The best baby feed 31 March, 2014 On
    This is the best baby feed in market today(i say this having tried Lactogen and few others). Probably this is the reason why it's available only on MRP on all websites and retail outlets across Delhi. I'v used it as a supplement with feed for over many months and i think it's quite fulfilling for the baby and good for his/her growth also.
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