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Colour Blue
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Product Description

stuck in the traffic and irritate by all the honking around,or want to take a few moments off from a busy schedule,plug in Nokia COLOUD headphones and swerve your way past the mundane problems of everyday life with a song on your lips.This classy looking piece is will be the perfect companion through all the tedious chores and make them for a change, PLEASANT. The nokia coloud headphones WH-150 are a det of earphone which every person with a love for music but still burdened by the 24*7 calls should own.It is one of the brightest sparks in the music accessories industry and the price range is too affordable to be true.

This elegant set of earphones have inbuilt mic and button to receive phone calls on the go and added onto this feature in the play and rewind button making it a eay task to shuffle between work and play. The wire length is a problem faced by many and the Nokia COLOUD headphone comes in a very descent length.The creative prowess of the producers is at full show here as they add a much needed addition to the cable to prevent tangling,the Zound Lasso, a very innovative way for tying the earphone wires making it almost impossible to tangle.

Now lets get on with the business the sound quality is one of the best which you will get at this price range besides that noise cancellation is very efficient, improving your music experience.The 3.5 mm jack is one of the most universally accepted ones making it a very versatile product.and froem the early reviews that we are getting it fits into a variety of mobile phone models besides that of nokia making it a very sough after piece in the market. The reliabilty of nokia has never been questioned,a dn by keeping the size small nokia company aims at longetivity thus proving once more why nokia is a household name.A constant pestilence which you usually find in such products is the clarity of distribution of sound to both the ears but nokia trumps that problem ssomehow as nokia Coloud earphones has an enviable balance of more issue which the company has tried to resolve is the constant falling off of earpieces the nokia coloud earphone is provided with custom ear buds making it fit into with ease.There is a natural bass which makes this product standout from its competitor in the market.The arphones offer you a freah breath of air as the design offered is unique and a re a fresh breath of air as compared to the usual earphones , so what AR EOYU WAITING FOR , LOG ONTO JUNGLEE.COM AND Grab the deal,immerse yourself in the world of music, and considering Junglee.coms reputatuion you just might buy these products at a way cheaper price than expected. The product code is B00G1CWZ6I

Product Features

  • 3.5MM JACK
Product Details
Manufacturer Nokia
Manufacturer Part Number NKA_WH-510_CYN
Brand Nokia
Model Number WH-510
Colour Name Cyan
Colour Blue
Technical Specification
Connectivity Technology Wired-3.5 MM Single Pin

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Overall Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars
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