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NOOK Simple Touch®

NOOK Simple Touch®

Included RAM Size 1 GB
Connectivity Technology Does not support voice calling|WIFI, 3G
Display Size 6 inches
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Product Description

Need an android device in form of a tablet, which also works as an e-book read and is equipped with wi-fi facility? You needn't look any further, as Barnes and Nobles has a one-stop solution for you, in the form of the brilliant Nook Simple Touch.

With a display size of 6 inches and a RAM memory of 1 GB, Nook Simple Touch acts as the perfect gadget to carry around if you are someone who enjoys tablets and loves reading.

It often happens that avid readers have to carry with them a novel at all times. These are ponderous to carry and can sometimes lead to unwieldy and unnecessary weight on their shoulders. It can also be quite troublesome, if the reader is someone who enjoys having a wide variety of books, magazines and novels to sift through as he or she commutes or otherwise. It is virtually impossible to carry in one's bag, all the essentials one needs along with numerous books and myriad reading material. Times like these are when e-readers come in handy.

With the 1 GB space it offers, Nook Simple Touch lets you accommodate several e-books of your choice. You can discontinue reading the one you are reading and switch to another one. Another problem one often faces is forgetting which page they left off on. Not everyone delights in using bookmarks and it can be quite an exasperating situation, wanting to know what transpires in the book you are hooked on to, but having to endlessly and desperately turn pages trying to figure out the one you were on.

With an e-book, this never is a problem. Nook Simple Touch is endowed with an automatic bookmark of sorts, which helps you start from the page where you exited the book to start another one, instead of putting you through the impossibly difficult task of rummaging through the vast contents of the book.

Having wi-fi is yet another advantage of Nook Simple Touch. As you can just download the novel you wish to read without having to look for it and it's availability. Along with the download, you can also go through the detailed gist of the book, which will help you decide if it matches your taste in books at all.

Being a touch screen device, you are dispensed with the annoyance that key-selection can cause you given the touch screen wave.

About the brand:

Barnes and Noble, Inc. is one of the most renowned book retailer company in the USA. Widely well known across the globe for retailing content, digital media and educational products, Barnes and Noble has become synonymous with bookstores as it remains one of the very few extant bookstore chains in the USA.

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Technical Specification
Included RAM Size 1 GB
Connectivity Technology Does not support voice calling|WIFI, 3G
Display Size 6 inches
Display Technology LCD

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Overall Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     only for novel readers 30 April, 2014 On
    Guys,i have used this product for 5 months and finally i have sold it.
    there are some pros and cons:-
    1)gives you the opportunity to read pdfs , ebooks etc. just like you are reading a book physically.
    2)can be easily carried while traveling.
    1) first we have to convert pdfs into epub format to edit or highlight while reading because pdfs cannot be edited in this device.
    2)figures and diagrams spoils your whole reading experience because unlike tablets u cannot adjust the size of text and pictures,so when u will use this device for academic purpose then please don't take this device.
    3)suitable only for those texts which don't have images.
    4)do not support word files,,jpg formats.
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  2.  Great for ePub Lovers. 8 June, 2014 On
    I am using this Nook simple Touch for the last 1 year. I bought directly from Barnes&Noble Store last year.

    Pros :
    - Best for reading ePub files even in direct sunlight
    - Supports Font Style, Margin etc
    - Good Touch experience with Hard buttons for Navigation
    - Screen Saver
    - Hold thousands of books using External SD Card
    - PDF Files are looking great
    - More than 3 weeks with single charge.

    Cons :
    - .doc, .txt files are not supported
    - Sideloading Books Wireless not Possible. You need to connect the USB Cable to Transfer

    Overall : Recommended and will be a great reading experience while travellling.
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