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Terracotta tiny stud
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Terracotta tiny stud

Brand Nakshatra - Terracotta Jewellery
Metal Type Base Metal
Stone Type Pearl
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Overview: Terracotta tiny stud

Jewelries are actually invented by women of ancient times and earrings are the most important piece of jewelry, without it, the look will be incomplete. Women love jewelries, and with the changing time the trend of wearing jewelries also changed. However, women all over the world always accept this change. In ancient times, women used to make jewelry by barks and dry woods and the designs were derive from nature itself like leaves, trees and animals. This type of jewelry has given a name in modern times as terracotta jewelry.

Terracotta Jewelry:

Terracotta is a term, which means "baked earth" originally derived from Latin. This art is practiced throughout the world. In India, too this art is practiced in an elevated level. In terracotta, two types of clay are used, one is smooth and other is granular. Terracotta jewelries are a peak fashion these days. In West Bengal and Rajasthan, these jewelries are widely used by women, as these two states are the centre of terracotta craft. Terracotta clay is used to carve many types of jewelries such as earrings, pendants, bangles and bracelets, and it is also used in many forms and designs such as floral, animals, etc. As these jewelries are eco friendly, therefore people should wear it to save earth.

Jewelries and the Changing trends in Fashion:

While some metals such as platinum, gold and silver are popular options to choose from and technology have changed the range of designs and speed of jewelry making. Women, now love to flaunt their long chains, necklaces and heavy jewelries. However, these days jewelries made from terracotta clay such as necklaces with large lockets matched with bold colored dangling earrings is a new trend. Intricate designs and bold colors are used to enhance the classic look.

Terracotta Jewelries as the New Fashion Trend:

Pearls, diamonds and other crystals are used in occasions like wedding, engagements, etc. However, if one wants a more traditional and ethnic look terracotta jewelries are the right choice. These jewelries can be used in every occasion. Whether you are going to a party or office, wedding or engagement, there is a variety of designs to choose from. As these are ethnic jewelries, it goes well with heavy sarees. Their bright colors and versatility matches any attire you wear and goes well with even modern attires.

Nakshatra's Terracotta tiny stud

As old-fashioned jewelries are popular, today Nakshatra's Terracotta tiny stud is a great choice to wear. Its bold color and intricate design create an aura of both oriental and bohemian look. This metal based, brown-colored tiny stud is as noticeable as a pearl earring. This tiny stud will enhance your overall look and it is modeled to suit the current generation. As women are naturally very picky when it comes to buying jewelry, these tiny stud are a recent trend setter. These earrings are a perfect jewelry well suited for every event even if you wear it at home. However, choosing the right jewelry is a matter of personal taste and one has to keep herself with the modern trend when making a decision.

Buying it Online:

If you are planning to buy these earrings online within the convenience of home, whatever the requirements may be, you can browse all the pages to see the right jewelry of your choice. As compare to physical store online stores also provide a 3D image of a product, so that one can get a detailed idea about the product. One can also compare two products, their prices and quality to see which one is perfect. The best online sellers are those who provide a return or replacement option. One can check the whole range of design leisurely and make a decision upon which one to buy. The benefits are innumerable when shopping online, however, the key is to search thoroughly and do your own research when making a choice.

Product Details
Brand Nakshatra - Terracotta Jewellery
Colour Name Brown
Metal Type Base Metal
Stone Type Pearl

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