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Star Trek (PS3)

Star Trek (PS3)

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Overview: Star Trek

Crazy about Star Trek? Join Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk as they head out to rescue an important device and their allies from the evil claws of the Gorn. The nail biting, enthralling Star Trek movie has been transformed into a single player action game that comes with cooperative game play where two players can play the game assuming the role of Kirk and Spock.

Game Plot

Developed with close cooperation from the Star Trek movie makers, the game makers have strived hard to make the game as close to the movie as possible. The game was released just 3 weeks prior to the release of Star Trek Into the Darkness movie, which is the second part of the Star Trek franchise.

Coming to the storyline of the game, it is set in the year 2259 when the USS Enterprise captained by James Kirk and first officer Spock gets a distress call from one of the space stations regarding an emergency situation faced at the space station. Kirk and Spock set out to solve the matter where they meet Spock's childhood friend, T'Mar, who explains them about the new device that they were working on. This device called as Helios was being powered in order to accelerate the terraforming of the New Vulcan when a blunder was committed and a Rip was opened in the space. But the Helios device gets stolen by some creatures that emerge from the Rip calling themselves as Gorn. On their way, Gorn also infect the occupants and kidnap Surok, T'Mar's father.

When relocating the infected to a different starbase, Kirk, Spock and T'Mar when they face another attack from the Gorn who try to kidnap T'Mar after killing her father Surok. In the process, Kirk becomes successful in imprisoning Gork Henchman, but T'Mar gets kidnapped. This is when Kirk decides to enter the Rip along with Spock, Sulu and McCoy and the action begins!!


This is a two player game where the players can assume the role of Kirk and Spock and cannot interchange the role during a chapter. The game also does not allow additional players to join in as supporting characters. Both Spock and Kirk have different strengths along with "Vulcan nerve pinch and Mindmeld" which can be used and additional weapons can be gained as the game progresses. You can play with a partner alongside or team up with a friend online to rescue the universe. There is also an option for single player to play the game while AI controls the movements of the other character. With added adventures in terms of ability to explore different parts of the universe and visit various space stations, this game is sure to get interesting beyond imagination!!

Enter into the mesmerizing tech savvy world of Vulcans and save the universe from the treacherous intents of the Gorn. Check out this PS3 Star Trek gaming CD on Junglee and get it at lowest price!!

Features: Star Trek

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