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Napoleon Royal Salute Car Perfume (Black)

Napoleon Royal Salute Car Perfume (Black)

Colour Black
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Overview: Napoleon Royal Salute Car Perfume (Black)

Turn your drives into a pleasant experience and your car into your second home, buy the Napoleon Royal Salute Car Perfume online and freshen up your car in moments. This stylish looking car perfume features a brilliant design and an amazingly delicate scent which would perk up and titillate your senses as soon as you enter the car. This superb looking car perfume can truly change the look of your car's dashboard and become a nice decoration piece for your car. At this price it's a complete value for your money and a product worth cherishing for a long time.

This car perfume would actually act as a ornamental item in your car, because of its beautiful design and workmanship. Crafted with a lot of care, the design features a cannon in black colour. There is gold detailing on the cannon wheels with metal and golden screws which look like studs. The cannon look very life like and cute at the same time, owing to its small size. Instead of a cannon bore and muzzle there is a black bottle of perfume which disperses the fragrance in the air. The bottle has an artistic appeal to it and has a gold colour screw cap on it. The neck of the bottle comes with a ribbon tied around it, just in case you would like to make this a gift for someone else. The cannon is mounted on a small, black, rectangular dais; encircling the cannon is a delicate gold tone chain which gives a luxurious look to the car perfume. This car perfume looks like a rare collector's item and would make a lovely adornment for your car. This sure would get you many compliments for your good taste and enhance the looks of your beloved car.

Unlike other regular car perfumes, the Napoleon Car Perfume doesn't need the flow of air from your car's air conditioning vents to activate. The result is no blockage of your vents, and the car gets cooled down faster. This car perfume sits prettily on your dash board and does it work silently and effectively. The exclusive fragrance used in the car perfume will make you feel invigorated and is pleasing to your nose. The perfume will revitalize and calm your senses on the days when you feel tired while driving. The pleasant scent would also be useful if you are a smoker and would like too get rid of the stale cigarette smoke smell out of your car. It would also create a lovely ambience if you are going on a date and would like to impress your partner with you clean and fresh smelling car. What is even better is that when the perfume in the bottle is over the bottle can be refilled by any of your other favorite perfumes thus saving you the cost of buying another car perfume. So what are you waiting for, give a clean smelling and fresh interior to your car and buy this right away before the stock gets over.

The material used for the perfume is superior quality polymer fiber and is extremely durable. This car perfume is very affordable and because it is easily refillable, it has low maintenance costs. As a decorative piece it could not only liven up your car's interior, but could also adorn your desk, home or office and refresh the air at the same time. The beautiful design and fresh scent of this car perfume makes it a perfect gift for anyone. The Napoleon car perfume comes in a pretty plastic jewel case like box, which is easy to pack and decorate. It would be an ideal present for someone who buys a new car. Get this car perfume and we give you our word that your next journey would be way more enjoyable than the last one.

Product Features

Classy and uniquely designed car perfume.

Lovely delicate fragrance to refresh your car's interior.

Doesn't block your car's air conditioning vents.

Adds aesthetic appeal to your car, home or office desk.

Value for money.

Would make a good gift.

Features: Napoleon Royal Salute Car Perfume (Black)

  • One of the best designed perfumes ever giving your car / home / office desk a classy stylish look.
  • Re-freshens the mood & enhances the ambiance.
  • Bottle can be refilled "N"any no. of times with any choice of your favorite liquid air fresherenes/ perfumes.
  • Purify the remain cigarette smoke.
  • Innovative design.
Product Details
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm

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