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Narcopolis: A Novel

Narcopolis: A Novel

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Language English
Contributor(s) Jeet Thayil
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: Narcopolis: A Novel

A fantastical portrait of the beautiful and damned residents of an opium den and brothel in the underworld of Bombay. Bombay, which obliterated its own history by changing its name and surgically altering its face, is the hero or heroin of this story... Jeet Thayil's luminous debut novel completely subverts and challenges the literary traditions for which the Indian novel is celebrated. This is a book about drugs, sex, death, perversion, addiction, love, and god, and has more in common in its subject matter with the work of William S. Burroughs or Baudelaire than with the subcontinent's familiar literary lights. Above all, it is a fantastical portrait of a beautiful and damned generation in a nation about to sell its soul. Written in Thayil's poetic and affecting prose, Narcopolis charts the evolution of a great and broken metropolis. Narcopolis opens in Bombay in the late 1970s, as its narrator first arrives from New York to find himself entranced with the city's underworld, in particular an opium den and attached brothel. A cast of unforgettably degenerate and magnetic characters works and patronizes the venue, including Dimple, the eunuch who makes pipes in the den; Rumi, the salaryman and husband whose addiction is violence; Newton Xavier, the celebrated painter who both rejects and craves adulation; Mr. Lee, the Chinese refugee and businessman; and a cast of poets, prostitutes, pimps, and gangsters. Decades pass to reveal a changing Bombay, where opium has given way to heroin from Pakistan and the city's underbelly has become ever rawer. Those in their circle still use sex for their primary release and recreation, but the violence of the city on the nod and its purveyors have moved from the fringes to the center of their lives. Yet Dimple, despite the bleakness of her surroundings, continues to search for beauty-at the movies, in pulp magazines, at church, and in a new burka-wearing identity. After a long absence, the narrator returns to
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date April 12, 2012
Publisher Penguin Press
Contributor(s) Jeet Thayil
Binding Hardcover
Page Count 304
ISBN 10 159420330X
ISBN 13 9781594203305
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 453.6 grams
Product Dimensions 21.4 cm x 14.7 cm x 2.7 cm
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  1.  On Booker Shortlist 14 September, 2012 On
    I heart fully wish Thayil's magnificent work "NARCOPOLIS" should be awarded with the BOOKER PRIZE, this book deserves it.
    Wish him all the best.

    Deepthi KranthiKumar

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