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Nature Forever Bird Feeder
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Nature Forever Bird Feeder

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Product Description

Birds are one of the most beautiful creations on earth. There are innumerable numbers of birds available in the world. Each bird has a distinct colour, shape and lineage. Bird petting is considered as one of the most traditional and ancient hobbies. Kings and emperors used to pet birds in their palaces and so did the common man. Earlier, bird feeders were made like cages, but with the advancement in technology, new designs of feeders are being made. This Nature Forever Bird Feeder from Nature Forever is a new age bird feeder, intelligently made to ensure ease and comfort of birds while they are eating.

About the brand:

Nature forever is a well known brand for making stylish, useful and multipurpose bird feeders and other accessories. Their main and sole objective of making such helpful and useful bird accessories is to encourage the bird watching trend and triggering a harmony between human and birds. Birds can be your best friends if taken proper care. They are very friendly with humans and after training they start to understand gestures and touch of human. Bird petting is a good hobby to acquire and Nature Forever provides you with proper means and accessories to support the nice cause.


There are many types of bird feeders available in the market. This Nature Forever Bird Feeder is a unique and stylish bird feeding accessory for easy and comfortable feeding of birds. This feeder is good for long to medium sized beaks. The feeder is designed keeping the comfort and ease of the birds in mind. It has four easy to perch stands where they can rest their clasps. The comfortable perches are suitable for birds like sparrows to parakeets. Apart from perch stands it has two ways grain serving ports where birds can feed without crowding up. This Nature Forever Bird Feeder is made of high quality food grade plastic which does no harm to the health of birds and gives them environment friendly culture. The feeder has swift and easy wall hanger which can be hung anywhere in the house, balcony, front porch, garden, backyard or bird house. The feeder is very easy to install, refill and clean. The transparent body of the bird feeder attracts the bird and gives you the opportunity to keep a watch on what and how much are they eating.


This Nature Forever Bird Feeder is a unique and stylish feeder bottle for birds. It has sleek and transparent body, easy to install mechanism and environment friendly material. The feeder comes with a detailed FAQs manual where you can clear all your doubts and queries. This feeder gives you the opportunity to keep a close an easy watch on feeding birds. It enhances the look of the garden making it a portable bird sanctuary. A garden full of beautiful and chirpy birds is the most beautiful and calm place to rest. This bird feeder from Nature Forever Bird Feeder can be a great gift for bird lovers, as now they can observe their hobby from close quarters. The feeder is made in Indian and loved around the world.


Bird feeders are a useful and healthy way of feeding birds; it gives you the opportunity to watch birds from close quarters and research their habits. But it is very important to keep the feeder clean and well maintained. Dirty and stale food can hamper the health of the birds and also increase the chances of multiple diseases. Keep the distance from one feeder to another quite well so that the birds don't hurdle up and hurt each other in process of feeding. This feeder is a conservation product which encourages conservation, habitat creation and increasing population of sparrows and parakeets. Shop Online for this useful accessory at the earliest and enjoy the hobby!

Product Features

  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Transparent
  • Care Instruction : Clean it gently.
Product Details
Manufacturer Nature Forever
Brand Nature Forever
Colour Name Transparent
Item Package Quantity 1

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