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Nature Forever Mynah, Golden Oriole And Other Medium Sized Birds

Nature Forever Mynah, Golden Oriole And Other Medium Sized Birds

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Product Description

Birds need home to live in, too. If you have middle-sized birds, then the 'Nature Forever Mynah, Golden Oriole And Other Medium Sized Birds' is the perfect choice to provide shelter to them. Birds like Mynahs can be comfortably kept in this bird-house. Even if there are no birds in your house, if you care about them, you can keep this in your garden or terrace so that any other bird can live in there or rest for a while. It has been beautifully designed according to the lifestyle of mynahs, golden oriocle, and other such birds.

About The Nest Box

The nest box is made of wood that can be easily recycled. It has a rectangular shape with a long body and a hole towards the top. The box is designed the way the middle-sized birds, such as mynahs and golden orioles build their nests. You can hang it on the walls or in the garden. The neat and simple design attracts the birds and comforts them just like their nests. The hole is also of a size that one bird can enter at a time so that not many clusters on the hole. The roof of the nest box is green in colour giving it a fresh and natural look that attracts the birds as well. The body of the nest box is gentle and soft. It is also easy to clean. The nest box from Nature Forever has a hook on the top of it which you can use to hand on a support on any wall. Since it has a lightweight body, the box can be hung on even a simple nail. The design is simple yet elegant and can be placed anywhere in the environment. It also enhances the beauty of your garden. So without delaying any further, order online for this wooden nest box and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Product Features

  • Material : Recycled Wood
  • Color : Brown
  • Care Instruction : Clean it gently.
Product Details
Manufacturer Nature Forever
Brand Nature Forever
Colour Name Brown
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  This item can not be used for love birds/budgie 30 August, 2013 On
    This item can not be used for love birds or budgie. This is only for small birds like finch. Moreover, the nest hole is too small and love birds or budgie can not go inside the nest.

    Except the size of the hole, everything is okie. The quality of the material is also good and once this is attached to a strong base it can not be moved easily by light wind.
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