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Nayasa 8 Pc Toasty Lunch Box Set

Nayasa 8 Pc Toasty Lunch Box Set

Brand Nayasa
Colour Red
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Overview: Nayasa 8 Pc Toasty Lunch Box Set

When we are in office, school or college, we always like to eat our lunch with the same freshness like in our home. But it is not possible always because of the lunch box we have. But this problem can be easily overcome if we replace our normal lunch box with Nayasa toasty lunch box. This lunch box set consists of 1 lunch box, 3 containers, 1 sipper, 1 fork, 1 spoon and a handkerchief. There is also a bag which we can put our lunch box in it. All these things are made from high grade polypropylene. It ensures that the freshness and hotness of the food lasts long. It is also very easy to clean. It is available in red and blue color.

Made from food grade polypropylene

This lunch box set is made from high quality polypropylene that is of food grade. Polypropylene is widely used in the world for the making of durable food containers. It does not react with the food items and can ensure the freshness of food items for a long time. It can also be used in a microwave oven. All the components of this lunch box are made from it. So you do not need to worry about the quality of the food kept in it. If lunch boxes are made from low quality materials, it will definitely affect your health. It is because such materials react with the food items and go inside your body. It will result in serious health issues. Nayasa lunch box set which is made from food grade polypropylene which not only ensures the quality of the food but also care for your health.

Ensures freshness of food for long time

Apart from the food grade polypropylene employed in its production, the lids of the containers are designed to provide air tight protection to the food. The four sided air lock protection ensures that the heat in the food is not lost for longer time; hence the food items will be fresh even after four or five hours. The curries will not spill out easily from the containers due to the air tight protection. So while travelling in bus or train, you do not worry about spilling out the curries from your lunch box set. Low quality lunch box sets do not have this kind of air tight facility. If you like to eat food without using hands, then you can use the spoon and fork that come along with it.

All these containers can be used in microwave oven also. So if you are not using it as a lunch box, you can easily put it in your microwave oven for preparing various types of dishes. Otherwise you can use it as a storage container for keeping spices, nuts, pulses, cereals, vegetables, fruits etc. The containers are 300 ml each. So it is capable to hold large amount of food items. If you are a food lover or you love to share your food with your friends, then this will be very helpful. The sipper is able to carry 500 ml of water or juice. So there is no need of an additional water bottle. It can carry warm as well as cold water. The carry bag can easily carry all these containers in it. So you can simply hold it in your hand or in your bag.

Excellent design and looks

It is available in two colors, red and blue. The designs are simply excellent and it perfectly syncs with the color of it. You can proudly take this lunch box in front of your colleagues because of not only its quality but also its elegant looks that matches your personality.

So forget about eating cold food in your office, school or college. Buy Nayasa lunch box set and eat food with its full freshness and taste. Buy it at the finest price from

Features: Nayasa 8 Pc Toasty Lunch Box Set

  • Weight : 565 g
Product Details
Brand Nayasa
Colour Red

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