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Necklace sets - Antique kundan temple laxmi jewellery for sale

Necklace sets - Antique kundan temple laxmi jewellery for sale

Material Kundan
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Overview: Necklace sets - Antique kundan temple laxmi jewellery for sale

India is a land of different culture and religion. Jewelries are something that is used by every woman around the world. From a simple necklace to a chunky jewelry, there is a wide range of variety and designs. However, Indian jewelries are famous around the globe. The jewelers create unique and artistic designs that revive love for gold. Most importantly, Indian jewelries are famous for their vibrant color, detailing, elaborate designs and colorful gemstones. Different parts of India have different jewelry designs. However, southern parts of India are famous for their temple jewelries.

Nagercoli, Temple jewelries are famous for its grandeur and elaborate design. Studded with gemstones and diamonds, these jewelries are made from 22k gold. During performance like Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam, dancers wear temple jewelries. For about 1000 years, this culture passed down from generation to generation, and temple jewelries become a part of South India. Kings and queens of South India extensively used gold temple jewelries. This is why; it became a symbol of prosperity and royalty.

Temple Jewelry Pattern:

There is a misconception about temple jewelries that all of them have images of deities and gods. However, it is not true in every case, temple jewelries are inspired from nature. The designs of birds, flowers, leaves and animals carved on gold are also used. Some popular temple jewelries have image of gods and deities. The main attractions of these jewelries are the huge pendants studded with pearls or gemstones.

Temple Jewelries of Modern Times:

Previously temple jewelries were embellished only with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls. However, today jewelers are experimenting with unique and different design. They customize every piece of jewelry as per customer order. A temple-inspired jewelry is colorful, rich and suitable for traditional and ethnic attire. It can also go well with western attire if only a pendant with simple beads or stones is used. If you are planning to buy temple jewelry from online store then there is a wide variety of choices available in the market. In an online store, one can find many designs suitable for all ages and goes well with any attire.

Irrespective of the occasion, temple jewelries can complete your look during festivities, weddings, and much more. In fact, these jewelries look good with festive wear, as these are ethnic in nature. In order to complete your ensemble you should wear temple jewelries with ethnic outfits especially sarees. Made from gold or gold plating and studded with stones and gems these are extremely affordable without any compromise in quality.

Mirraw's Antique Kundan Temple Laxmi jewellery:

A multicolored necklace sets from Mirraw is specially designed with kundan and beads. The dazzling kundan and beads provide an ethnic touch to these gorgeous set. This antique kundan temple laxmi jewelry consists of a necklace and a beautiful pair of earring. This set is a great option to wear during festive season. This artistic jewelry with kundan and beads makes a woman gorgeous and at the same time classy. It adds color to a celebration and makes a festival lovelier for a woman who wants to become a center of attraction.

Use of Kundan:

As kundan accentuate jewelry, use of kundan in jewelry is common these days. Inspired by ancient tradition kundan is used in many pieces of jewelries. The alluring beauty of kundan makes jewelry more complete and gorgeous. Jewelry is often combined with kundan work, which is also called Kundakari. Due to its fast gaining recognition kundan jewelry sets have become popular. This set is adorned with kundan and beads and can be paired with an ethnic and designer outfit. It also goes well with any complexion. Indian brides can also prefer temple jewelry for their wedding to enhance their traditional look. The wide variety of designs is a perfect choice for every occasion. Mostly wore by the South Indian women this jewelry can suit any woman.

Product Details
Material Kundan
Colour Name Multicolor

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