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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

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Language English
Format DVD
DVD Regions Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
Actor(s) Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield
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Product Description

'Never let me Go' is at the top of the list of the most brilliant movies made in this decade. This movie has to his kitty several awards and has garnered huge accolades and is widely critically acclaimed movie. It is one must movie that should be watched out for. It is based on a famous novel written by Kazuo Ishiguro. The film is of science fiction drama genre. The film has a remarkable story line that will leave you in awe. The movie revolves around three characters Kathy, Ruth and Tommy and talks about an imaginary situation where doctors have discovered a way to cure everything and the life expectancy of human beings has crossed 100 years. This story will not only make you think but also fall in love with all the three characters

The movie is set in England in the 1980's. The portrayal of all the places is kept so close to what was really present at that time. The movie has been directed and shot in a tasteful manner making the various locations in England seem extremely spectacular. The scenes are beautifully written and the direction has been impeccable. The movie has a run time of 109 minutes. The main highlight of the movie is its science fiction storyline that gives it a wonderful twist and perspective. The star cast of the movie includes Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, and Andrew Garfield in lead roles playing the roles of the three characters. The movie has been directed by Mark Romanek.

The movie is narrated by the character of Kathy who takes you through three very different sections in the film. In the first section the movie focuses on the childhood of the three characters which is spent at 'Hailsham' which is a picturesque boarding school in England. Kathy looks back at her childhood spent at the school where they were faced with a harsh reality at such a young age. The three find out that they and other students with them are clones created just to cater as organ donors for others and will not have a life of their own.

The movie then moves on about their acceptance of their fate while somewhere still trying to defer their ultimate end or "completion" as it is called as much as possible. They are portrayed in their teenage years still living a life that has been carved out for them rather than a life of free will. While the other aspect that is shown is about their complicated love stories and entangled relationships. What the three do and how their lives finally shape up can only be found out by watching the complete movie.

Watch this extremely thought provoking yet heartwarming movie by ordering the DVD exclusively at

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2011
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2010
Format DVD
DVD Regions Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
Genre Drama - romantic
Censor Rating U/A (Parental Guidance)
Actor(s) Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield
Director(s) Mark Romanek
No of Discs 1
Runtime 104 minutes
Studio Excel

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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars
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     “Never Let Me Go”: Life Is (not) Beautiful 27 November, 2013 On
    This is an understated, heartbreaking love story unlike anything you have ever seen before or even imagined, cloaked in science fiction, based on the Japanese author Kazuo (“Remains of the Day”) Ishiguro’s novel.
    It is also about accepting what one has and making the best of those circumstances.
    The narrative is a parallel world not in the future but in a recent past (that is different from our own as the life span is more than ours) and which is mentioned in the title credits.
    Human life has been extended due to a medical breakthrough.
    The film is set in three stages.
    The first one dealing with the school life and is in essence the beginning of a love triangle.
    We know from the first twenty minutes of the film that the love is doomed and it’s just a matter of how the lovers will manage to sort out the disarray they are in.
    The second stage when is one when as adults, love blossoms between Keira Knightley (Ruth) and Andrew Garfield (Tommy)-better known as the new Spiderman-and the unrequited love Carey Mulligan (Emily) has for him.
    This physical relationship between Ruth and Tommy drives a wedge between the companionship of the two girls.
    In the final stage, Ruth (she has an uncaring role to begin with) confesses to Emily that what she did was wrong and tries to atone, it’s too late.
    Just when you think that there is a glimmer of hope for Carey and Andrew comes the anticipated dark conclusion.
    The story process will make you evaluate your own life in terms of death and life.
    When at last Carey thinks she has her love reciprocated by Tommy (who should not have “fallen in lust” for Ruth in the first place) the future comes crashing on them, the end that they were expecting all their lives.
    The parting shot of Tommy looking desolately at Emily (and the love they could have had but could not have) will haunt you for days.
    Cleverly disguised in the love triangle are a lot of questions.
    Should we be satisfied with the time that life gives us?
    To make the most of our life, should the years be extended?
    Or make the most of what we have?
    Can one really undo ones actions by repenting?
    The film leaves you with its haunting quote by Emily:
    “It had never occurred to me that our lives, so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed. If I'd known, maybe I'd have kept tighter hold of them.”
    The poignant musical score and the skillfully photographed tranquil English countryside with every detail brilliantly brought to life in its Blu ray version, only add to the pathos.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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