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Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

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Overview: Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

Need oxygen therapy but tired of regular visits to the hospital? Are repeated visits and sittings taking more effort than you feel worth it? Nidek Nuvo lite Oxygen Concentrator is a must-have portable tool for patients undergoing oxygen therapy. Patients travelling while undergoing oxygen therapy usually face myriad problems. This concentrator is portable and comes with a lockable flow control valve that allows the user to control the flow of gas moving in and out of the concentrator.

Portable and Easy To Use

The Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen concentrator weighs only 13.6 kg and comes in a compact design allowing patients to use it while they travel without hassle. This machine gives you a high output for intensive oxygen therapy and can reach full purity within three minutes. This device concentrates oxygen from a gas supply to give out oxygen enriched gas to the patients. The user can also control the gas flow from a range of 0.124 to 5 LPM (litre per minute). This highly efficient oxygen concentrator is economical and has a low power consumption of 290W. This device apart from being easy to use and maintain comes with a self monitoring alarm system to inform the user of any discrepancies in the pressure or release. Oxygen concentrator's work on the concept of pressure swing adsorption where Nitrogen is adsorbed from the atmosphere by zeolite minerals and oxygen is passed through. This process basically removes the nitrogen from the mixture of gasses leaving concentrated oxygen to pass through to the patient. This machine is specifically designed to give the user direct access to the concentrator's inner filter allowing the patient to intake purified oxygen. The concentrator is fitted with two cylinders that take turns to distribute oxygen to the patient. Nidek is a reputed healthcare brand with a wide list of machines and medical healthcare tools to boast of. Visit if you are seeking to make an informed purchase of healthcare tools with reviews and descriptions.

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Brand Nidek

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