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Nike Drive Junior Cricket Bat Size 4

Nike Drive Junior Cricket Bat Size 4

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Overview: Nike Drive Junior Cricket Bat

Nike drive Cricket bat for juniors is must have for all children that love cricket. Ever wondered of what does it take to make a mark like Sachin Tendulkar? Have you been that avid Cricket follower who thinks that Cricket is your religion and you stand no exception to the fact that cricket is religiously followed in India? You are that quintessential cricketing freak who leaves his food midway because one of your cricketing heroes got out on duck.

You are seen practicing some batting shots every now and then, be it while you are waiting at a restaurant for your friends or while you are taking a stroll on the pavement. People who know you closely ignore you for they know your passion towards cricket and the people who do not know you give you strange looks but you ignore them like you have not even seen them.

A team is being formed at your office place and you look forward to make your mark through your batting talent. But it has been years that you have actually practiced those fluent cover drives and cuts on the ground. You are apprehensive, but as cricket and endurance runs in your blood, you will overcome the lack of practice through your sheer determination. What do you do next then? You try searching for that lucky bat that helped you score over your opponents' convincingly and made you a hero overnight. But that bat has been rusted over the years and so you try finding a replacement for it. Nike Drive junior cricket bat is the best answer for all your cricketing shots.

The bat comes in the size 4 and is available in all colors so that you can pick your choice when it comes to color that you should carry to the ground. What more, the multicolor availability helps you to satisfy your young kid who has been making numerous requests to you to get him a bat. The cricket bat is made up of Kashmir willow that has been a benchmark of quality when it comes to the wood which is used in cricket bats so that you end up having a joyful playing experience with your peers. It features the right edges and curves at the right places so that you can replicate the cut shot played by your role model "Rahul Dravid". What more, the product is affordable and gives you one of the best quality in the town considering it is a product by Nike which is known for its superior sports products across all sports and cutting all the boundaries.

About the company:

Nike is a company that has been continuously making its mark in the world of sports since decades. Focused on the cause of sportsmanship and committed to unparalleled customer experience, the company has been setting benchmarks for others to emulate. The tag line of the company "Let's do it" goes on to show the never say die attitude of the company.

Some brands have a reputation to savour. For such brands, the name tag in itself is credible enough to attract and lure tons and tons of potential customers. Nike is one such brand, as it fits the bill perfectly. Even after being in the industry for a long period of time, their level of consistency never drops. Which is no surprise, judging by their ever growing fan base.

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Features: Nike Drive Junior Cricket Bat

  • Bat Material : Kashmir Willow
Product Details
Manufacturer Nike
Brand Nike
Size 4

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  1.  Why to buy Nike Jr Cricket bat 9 May, 2013 On
    -You can always trust on the quality of the Nike cricket bat

    -It is light in nature & the quality of the wood used is supreme (Kashmir Willow)

    -One of the best things in Nike is all the products are checked & tested as per the standards & then launched & even the minor customer complaint is addressed

    -Out of my personal experience this bat is worth investing in. has huge sweet spot & this bat will help to score better

    - The features of this bat help you to easily help you to adapt to different format & pitches
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