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Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes| 8

Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes| 8

Brand Nike
Colour Blue
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Overview: Nike Blue Shoes

The Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes are the perfect shoes for young men and boy who are passionate about football. You will see this product being sported by many famous sports starts and players, thereby showing you just how great this pair of shoes is. Brought to you by Nike, these shoes are strong and durable and extremely easy to use.

About the Product

The Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes available in size 8 is the perfect for footballers. The unique design and high grade quality of the shoe ensure that you have a great game of football while being quick and safe. The special design of the shoes makes it ideal for playing football. As a result of which a lot of sportsmen are found to be wearing this product.

The Nike Football Shoes are made of synthetic leather. The high grade synthetic leather that is used by Nike in the production of this shoe is of excellent quality. This high quality material ensures that the shoe is extremely light weight, thereby giving its wearer extra agility. As the shoes have been designed to be worn on the football field, they have support spikes and other features in the sole of the shoe, which give it additional grip. This extremely light weight shoe will help you a great deal in being swift and agile, while maintaining your balance with the spikes on the football field.

The Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoe has a very well designed in soul as well to make sure utmost comfort and balance when you wear this while playing a game. Spraining your leg, or falling and tripping because of lack of balance is something you will not face with these Nike shoes as these come equipped with good quality spikes and ground support on the sole.

This extremely high grade sports show also looks great. With the criss-cross stitches that run all over the shoe in self coloured threads, make the shoe very comfortable and cushioned. The neon blue laces and the neon blue design near the ankle of the shoe make it look very cool and trendy. The base colour of the shoe is white/off white and hence the neon of the design and laces make it really look bright and stylish. The famous Nike insignia running on the side of the shoe brings out the superior branded look of the shoe.

The Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes is available in size 8, making it ideal for tall boys and men to wear this while out for a game. You can also wear this while other sports like rugby or hockey, though these shoes are specially designed for football.

Care and Maintenance

The Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes need very little care. The outer layer is washable and can be cleaned with a brush under running tap water. You can then leave to dry in the shade. When not in use these shoes, should be place back in their box and stored safely to prevent dust from setting in between the stitches and also to make sure the shoe stays prefect for longer.

About the Brand

The Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes is brought to you by Nike, a brand that needs no introduction. Nike is well reputed for producing high quality sporting gear that is worn by leading sportsmen and women of the world. Buy Nike Mercurial Tempo Rio FG Football Shoes online from the shopping portal at the best price possible and be ever ready to be on the football field and play like a pro.

Product Details
Manufacturer Nike
Brand Nike
Colour Blue

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