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Nikon 1 J3 14.2 MP HD Digital Camera Body Only (Silver)

Nikon 1 J3 14.2 MP HD Digital Camera Body Only (Silver)

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Overview: Nikon 1 J3 14.2 MP HD

Photography has revolved from the early black and white to color and now to digital. The future of photography lies in the virtual experiences that stir everyone's emotions. Today, new technologies are bridging the gap between reality and fantasy by getting closer to the real thing with the use of a camera and now with a digital camera. The market is now flooded with a variety of digital cameras that are also incorporated in many devices such as mobile phones, PDA and even vehicles. Moreover, you can find a range of digital cameras with different capabilities, sizes and prices.

Nikon 1 J3:

Nikon 1 J3 camera has a compact mirrorless system with a very small body, short release time lag and fast continuous shooting. It is designed for simplicity and convenience that has super-compact interchangeable lens and uses Nikon's own CX sensor. The camera is available with the 10-30 mm lens in black, white, red, beige and silver in an affordable price. It is relatively light as compared to its rivals with 14.2 megapixels and 160-6400 range of ISO. Moreover, the camera has a brand new imaging engine from Nikon.

The Features:

Nikon 1 J3 has launched with fast and accurate AF and ISO up to 6400 offering 14.2 megapixels CMOS sensor. It can also shoot up to 60 fps with fixed focus on spot and up to 15 fps with autofocus. Nikon 1 also offers some unique features such as Live Image Control, Slow View, Smart Photo Selector, Motion Snapshots, Creative Mode and PSAM shooting as well. Moreover, by using a sweeping method you can also shoot panoramas. With this camera you will be able to shoot full resolution 3:2 images during recording and full 1080p HD video recording.

Furthermore, for smooth autofocus transitions there is an Advanced Movie Mode and PSAM that controls to set the aperture and shutter speed and record videos in slow motion. The Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1b can be purchased separately if you want to transfer images to a tablet or a smartphone. The camera comes with a GR-N2100 Grip and WP-N2 Waterproof Case. The 3 inch screen has a resolution of 921k and gives clear and bright view in varying light. The menus are well laid out that are easy to navigate and by using creative mode via the function button you can get access to PSAM modes.

Some Important Key Features: ISO 160 - 6400,14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, 3 inch 921k dot LCD monitor, Full 1080p HD video recording, e-VR (electronic Vibration Reduction),Advanced hybrid AF (autofocus) system, Nikon 1 lens mount, Smart photo selector, Creative Mode, Live Image Control, Motion Snapshot, Easy Panorama Mode, full resolution of 60 fps offering continuous shooting, Comes in black, red, beige, white, silver and red.

Camera Handling:

The Nikon 1 J3 is small enough to carry in your pocket that has a compact aluminum body. To aid grip it has a rubberized loop around the lens barrel that can be compacted when not in use. The release and lock button helps in switching on when released and switched off when compacted back. It has menu button on top with shutter release, on/off button and record button alongside. On the back there is menu, delete, playback and rotating wheel to cycle through the menus. Moreover, to release the pop-up flash there is a button on the left hand side.

< b>Nikon 1 J3 Final Verdict:

The Nikon 1 J3 is lightweight and small available in different colors. The sensor has 14.2 megapixels that has an amazing 60 fps shooting with full HD and high-speed video recording. The sensor also allows unique Motion snapshot that is a combination of video and a photo and Smart Photo Selector that chooses best five photos from 30 taken at 30 fps. The camera has a solid metal body and is the most compact mirrorless camera available in the market.

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