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Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Storage Cabinet FMS NL306
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Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Storage Cabinet FMS NL306

Brand Nilkamal
Material Polypropylene
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Overview: Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Storage Cabinet FMS NL306

Storage cabinets are an essential unit in every household as all houses always seem to run out of storage space at some point or the other. Storing your possessions in a proper manner is essential in order to be able to find whatever you need easily whenever needed. The demands for storage cabinets never runs out and brands have to keep introducing new and innovative cabinets in order to meet the demands and preferences of customers. Keeping in mind that all houses do not come in the same size, cabinets have to be made in a compact style so that they can fit even in a small spaced house. If you are on the lookout to purchase a new storage cabinet for your necessities then search online for this brand new Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Storage Cabinet. Nilkamal, a leading brand in furniture has never failed to impress its customers with its practical purposes suiting the needs of the demands of all its customers. Take a look as to why this product is a must buy.

Features of the cabinet:

This bright cabinet is a combination of sky blue and grey, giving it a sober and attractive approach. Neat and compact, it has well shaped edges allowing it to fit into corners without jutting out. Made of strong sturdy material, this cabinet is light since it weighs only 5 kgs and hence, easily portable. Therefore, you need not worry about having any sort of difficulty in transporting this cabinet to its destination after purchase. It is compact, strong and sturdy with great finishing and a simple attractive design, adding colour to your décor. Consisting of a single shelf, it maximises storage and solves storage issues with its multi purpose storage solution. Use this cabinet to store whatever you need, be it small or big items, this cabinet has enough space to accommodate all that you need and will never fall short of adding anything more. This cabinet can be easily assembled and dissembled so you need not worry if you have to assemble this cabinet on your own. Its dimensions are 590(W) x 350(D)x 635(H), therefore big enough to accommodate large amount of storage. The blue and grey colour adds a touch of class and elegance with its compact design and style and adds appeal to your household décor. If you wish to buy a cabinet that suits your practical storage purposes as well as enhances the look of your house, then this cabinet would prove to be the perfect choice.

Multi purposes uses of this cabinet:

As the number of items that require storage keep increasing by the day, this cabinet with its multipurpose storage facilities can be used to store anything under the sun. With its accommodating space, it can be used as a kitchen cabinet to store your kitchen utensils, such as your glass crockery and cutlery. It can even be used to store your cooking ingredients such as your masalas in an organised manner, helping you find everything you need with ease. You could also use this cabinet as a shoe cupboard, storing your shoes neatly. This number of uses this cabinet can be put to are innumerable and you can count on this cabinet to solve your practical purposes whenever required. Shop online for this Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Storage Cabinet and say goodbye to the dilemma of running short of storage space in your house

Product Details
Brand Nilkamal
Material Polypropylene

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