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Pokemon X

Pokemon X

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Brand Nintendo
Platform Pc
Cricket Syndication Prod
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Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars
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  1.  The next evolution of a great gane 23 October, 2013 On
    I played pokemon blue back in the day, but haven't really followed the series since. It seemed every new release was just the same old game with a few new pokemon thrown in. Well let me tell you that is not the case this time around. Sure, there are dozens of great new pokemon, but for the first time, the world is fully realized in 3d. The battles are no longer little sprites on the screen, but rather fully 3d animated battles with pokemon that move, beautifully rendered attacks and a dynamic camera. This is the pokemon game I have been waiting for for the last ten years.

    The story and gameplay are in line with prior entries, but the shiny new engine makes it feel like a while new experience. There are also a few new features like super training and poke-amie that allow you to train and raise your pokemon outside of battle. They are nice additions, but you'll still spend most of your time in the main game.

    One flaw is that the 3d of the system is not really utilized. Some areas can be explored in 3d, but I preferred to just play in 2d the whole time. Still, all the pokemon look amazing -- its like playing in the cartoon from my childhood. I also haven't messed around any with the multiplayer, so check other reviews for a rundown on those features.
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