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Nintendo - Wii White Console With 5 IN 1 Sports Game

Nintendo - Wii White Console With 5 IN 1 Sports Game

Maximum Age 7 years
Minimum Age 6 years
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Features: Nintendo - Wii White Console With 5 In 1 Sports Game

  • 6 Years+, 5 in 1 sports game for your kids
Product Details
Manufacturer Nintendo
Brand Nintendo
Maximum Age 7 years
Minimum Age 6 years

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  1.  Sleek Design with Perfect Technology -- Forget the world be a kid to play all your favourite sports at home only with Wii 31 October, 2013 On
    First of all its a fantastic power packed device with the coolest feature called Montion Sensing with Nanchauk controller.

    Its worth buying gaming console for the lowest price compared to Microsoft Xbox 360, XBox One and Sony PS4.

    Though it has only 512 MB RAM and doesn't has Hi Definition graphics. You will not feel these are a limitation. Because of its features. You will be amazed once you start playing. Eventhough my father is 50 Yrs old. On the very first day we played about 2 hrs exploring the games and features.

    Operation or playing with Nintendo Wii is very easy and fun. You can play with all your family. But hope its limited to 4 players simultaneously by purchasing additional remotes. Its more than enough to have multiuser support upto 4.

    You can connect your device using Wifi (using WiiConnect 24) to go online and check the latest software updates and try the latest games online from Wii Store.

    You can also download apps like Youtube and Netflix to watch top latest videos right from the Wii Console itself.

    Netflix allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV using the Wii console.

    It also has amazing audio quality.

    Hall of Fame is that the best remote sensing with 3 directional body moment sensing with the Nanchak controller.

    Overall it creates the best experience and bringing the joy home. Makes you very active.

    You will also enjoy the 3d sound effects on your remote with vibration alerts amazing relistic experience.

    Managable Pictures management software allows you to view your family photographs using software available on gaming console available as preinstalled from Wii Home Menu.

    Some of most bought games you may try : ( Below are the top sold games)

    * Wii Sports
    * Just Dance 4
    * Mario Kart Wii
    * New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    * Skylanders Giants
    * Super Mario Galaxy
    * Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    * Zumba Fitness Core
    * Donkey Kong Country Returns
    * The Hip Hop Dance Experience
    * Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

    Be hurry to get into the new world with Nintendo Wii experience. Jump into the amazing world of Nintendo Wii. Happy gaming..!
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