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Nirus Hair Bumpits | Black

Nirus Hair Bumpits | Black

Colour Black
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About Nirus Hair Bumpits | Black

Do you have frequent bad hair days? Styling your hair just the way you want has become easier and faster with Nirus Hair Bumpits! These hair bumpits are easy to use and great way to get the perfect volume for your hair.

Made of black plastic to completely disappear in your hair, the bumpits are arch shaped inserts for your hair that are light and easy to use. So if you have used hair rollers in the past, and are looking for something that will give you faster and better results, it's time you gave hair bumpits a try. They are designed in such a way that they grip your hair securely and remain completely hidden. You can either leave the bumpits behind your hair at the crown or place it under the bangs. It’s a simple three steps process. First, part your hair across the crown where you want the most volume and brush the parted hair up. Then place a bumpit just below the parting and pull the brushed hair down with a tug to ensure the teeth have gripped it securely. Spray hold hairspray and fix small uneven patches and you’re done! It doesn't matter if you swear by Velcro rollers or Velcro hair bumpits, you would love Nirus Hair Bumpits as well. Reason? Bumpits are instantaneous and remain completely hidden - ideal when you have to rush from work to a party or an evening engagement.

A set of Nirus Hair Bumpits will include 2 Large Bumpits, 2 Free Mini Bumpits and 1 Free Hollywood Bumpit. With these you can create different hair styles for various occasions. While the large bumpits are suitable for long or chin length hair, the mini bumpits are for creating bangs for the both thick and thin hair. So are you ready for a great hair day, everyday? Then buy online and get instant results without having to spend a fortune.

Overview: Nirus Hair Bumpits | Black

Attention ladies! You need not worry about bad hair days any more. You don't need caps, or scrunchies that pull and tug on your hair. With Nirus Hair Bumpits, you will not need to think twice before stepping out of your house, even on days when your hair will just not behave. These stylish hair clips are made of black plastic and are designed cleverly in the shape of arches to completely disappear in your locks. Light, and very easy to use, these hairclips are perfect to make your hair stay intact and give them the volume you have always craved for. You need not worry about tangled hair, because these hairclips are just so easy to get out and very comfortable. This is tailor made for office going women who don't possess enough makeup time in the mornings, keeping the urgency of time under consideration. After all, everyone loves punctuality, isn't it?

The Nirus Hair Bumpits can be worn in whatever way you chose, whether you want to place them under the bangs, or leave them at the crown, behind your hair. A lot of people use hair rollers to style their hair, and give them volume. The bumpits are a much less messier, easier and quicker way to achieve just that. Putting them on, is an extremely simple process involving just three steps. First, you need to part your hair depending on where you want the most volume, and then brush up the parted hair. Next, you will have to place the bumpit right below the parting, and pull the brushed hair down, making sure that the teeth have securely gripped the hair. Finally, you will need to spray and hold hairspray over the hair and make some tweaks here and there to fix the unruly parts. And voila!

You are ready to step out with glamorous hair. The best part about these bumpits is that they remain completely hidden, making them ideal to wear to office, a lunch date or even a party.

The set of Nirus Hair Bumpits includes two large bumpits. The great news is that two free mini bumpits and one free Hollywood bumpti are also part of the package. The large bumpits are for people with long or shoulder length hair, while the mini bumpits are great for making bangs - both for thin and thick hair. With the Nirus Hair Bumpits, you get to create a new hairstyle for every occasion and never again have to stay in bed because of a bad hair day. You can style your hair the way you want to, without going to the parlour. The leaflet that you get with this product will easily guide you on its use. For some products, the name of the brand is enough in itself to attract potential customers to cause a marketing success phenomenon, and this is one such useful product. Nirus has been the hallmark of consistency and 100% customer satisfaction for a number of decades now. Constant innovation and adaption to the dynamic needs of the market is the key to their long lasting stay at the top of the industry.

The product 'Nirus Hair Bumpits' has been prepared by the experts and specialized staff of Nirus, under impeccable professional working conditions. What are you waiting for? Nirus focuses on bringing the best and innovative beauty products to the local market. Nirus Nails and Beauty is the authorized and leading distributor for KONAD Stamping Nail Art and cosmetic products in India. All their cosmetic products are derived from natural resources and provide excellent quality and results. The Nirus Nails and Beauty customer service will always be at your disposal, only a button click or a phone call away, catering to your needs all the time, 365 days a year. Over the years, they have garnered a highly extensive nation-wide popularity thanks to their product quality, customer service and marketing expertise.

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Features: Nirus Hair Bumpits | Black

  • 2 Large Bumpits
  • 2 Free Mini Bumpits
  • 1 Free Hollywood Bumpit
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Colour Black

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     Good 23 July, 2013 On
    I was looking out for it, since so many days, and found it here, and loved it. It doesn't tangled hair cause i have long hair, gets out very easily, comfortable, gives me best look, the way i wanted. Good product!!
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