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Nivia Encounter Football Studs

Nivia Encounter Football Studs

Brand Nivia
Material Synthetic
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Product Description

Football. We all love it. Every second person you come across is an avid football fan who can be categorized into the ones who just watch football and the ones who watch as well as play the sport. The football craze never seems to diminish and there has been an immense rise of talent in this field. Ask a boy what his favourite sports gear is and "football studs" is the prompt and unanimous reply. Everyone who plays football for the fun of it or professionally, dreams of owning the perfect pair of football studs and is always on the lookout for that dream pair to show off to his friends and fellow players. If you are on the lookout for that perfect pair of studs then your search ends here. Nivia, having dominated the sports scenario in India, with its widely appreciated products, introduces a whacky and funky pair of football studs that are sure to make you sit up and pay attention and leave you impatient to purchase it as soon as possible.

Product Description

Bright orange in colour, it immediately adds spark and vibrance to the studs as bright coloured studs are in fashion, with everyone opting to stand out on the field as much as possible. Football is no longer looked upon as just a sport but also a ground for showcasing one's style and fashion. Footballers are praised for the studs they possess these days. Thus, this pair is sure to grab attention with its bright look with "Encounter" mentioned in bold along the length of the studs in jet black providing a very attractive contrast to the orange. The laces are made of durable flat nylon laces done in black as well, giving a very smart look to the studs. Quality wise, this pair of studs are par excellence, with a synthetic leather upper that provides for minimal water absorption and allows you to remain comfortably dry while playing in the rains. In order to maintain stability, the studs have been provided with a midsole made of moulded shank board, preventing you from slips and injuries. The outsole is made of directly injected, bladed studs for optimum stability and traction. Most importantly, the studs have been pasted with non toxic eco friendly adhesive, thus spreading the message of living in a clean and safe environment.

Care and Maintenance

Football boots are a footballer's most prized possession and maintaining them in the correct manner is a priority for the owners. If you wish to keep your football boots functional for a long time and keep them looking new, you should wash them regularly after playing. The laces should be untied, as many tend to kick off their boots in a hurry which hampers the condition of the boots. It has long term effects. You should make sure to remove loose dirt by knocking your boots together and brushing them with a stiff brush so that no mud or dirt remains on the bottom between the studs. Do not us a wire brush to clean your studs as this will damage them. You could opt for a brush with bristles that are made of natural material. In order to remove smaller particles of dirt, you can use a damp cloth. Never use detergents to cleans your studs as they can lead to colour fading and peeling off of the paint. So, it is better to keep these tips in mind while maintaining your football studs, as looking after them in the right manner will leave them looking as good as new!

So if you are on the lookout to purchase a smart pair of football studs and make a style statement on the field, your search ends here as this beautiful pair of football studs by Nivia Encounter is a must buy. Unleash the fashionable and stylish footballer within you. Shop online to purchase this product.

Product Details
Brand Nivia
Material Synthetic

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