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Nivia Football Shoes Multicolour

Nivia Football Shoes Multicolour

Brand Nivia
Material Synthetic
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Overview: Nivia Multicolour Shoes

Football is considered to be the game of the universe. The ultimate reflection of the human articulation of art in sports! Football is like no other sport. It is intense, many a times taking form of a battle fought with vigour, competitiveness, resilience, mind body and soul. A perfect stage set for the realm or strategies to combine with sporting technique and execution, football is not just a game heavily dependent on the body. It's a game that involves mind, body and soul. Football is science. Football is meditation.

Since football is a physically intensive sport, it is heavily dependent on ground conditions and most definitely sporting gear. As far as sporting gear is concerned football shoes are of prime importance. Any lover of the game or a serious player knows how the shoes we wear at play affect our game every time. Given the many options available in the market for footballers to take their pick, most are left dazed and confused and eventually end up buying the wrong pair of shoes. To make things simpler, Nivia has combined stellar design and state of the art technology in the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes. For any serious footballer or lover of the game the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes is a good option to choose when it comes to football boot.

Product Features:

The Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes looks stellar in Black & Blue. The Round Tip and the streamlined design lend the kind of aerodynamics that could put Air Force One to shame. This helps in smooth movement of the feet when in a fast game. It also increases target success rate of footballers. The Lace Up closure is the preferred kind for footballers and the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes promises the same. The Synthetic leather upper for minimal water absorption keeps the feet dry .The 5 mm thick molded sock liner of the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes is provided for proper cushioning and heel comfort which increase game-playing capacity by leaps and bounds. The moulded shank board midsole for ultimate stud stability raises the game-playing capacity to the optimum while providing strength to the underside of the feet and also absorbing shock that increases the longevity of the shoe while providing enough traction.

The durable flat nylon laces are a bonus. The transparent TPU outsole with direct-injected bladed studs of the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes is provided for optimum traction and stability. Pasted with non-toxic eco-friendly adhesive the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes lasts longer than the mathematics class you attended at school.

Care and Maintenance:

A relationship is only as good as it is maintained. A footballer forms a relationship with his or her shoes that becomes thicker than blood. So for a footballer it is important to maintain his or her shoes at all times. Place the shoe in shoe bags when not in use. Do not use polish or creams to cleanse the surface. Use a clean dry cloth to remove surface dust. Keep the lace untied when not in use to maintain shape. Also avoid placing one shoe over the other when its lying on the shoe shelf to prevent disfiguration of the shape. Most importantly try and use the Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes often. There is no maintenance like proper judicious use of the object. Leave it unattended and it loses life.

Nivia Dynamite Football Shoes is now available online. Order from home and receive it at your doorstep without moving a muscle. Order now before stocks run out. Buy the Nivia Football Shoes Multicolour online. Hurry!

Product Details
Manufacturer Nivia
Brand Nivia
Colour Name Multicolour
Material Synthetic

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