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Nivia Super Premier Kids Football Shoes, Blue 13

Nivia Super Premier Kids Football Shoes, Blue 13

Brand Nivia
Colour Blue
Size 13
Material Synthetic
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Overview: Nivia Blue Shoes

This pair of shoes from Nivia ensures that your kids' feet are safe from injuries and accidents while they are busy playing football. Stylish and comfortable, these sports shoes are a must have if your kids engage in outdoor activities. Available online in an attractive blue design, this pair is affordable and give you value for money. The yellow streaks contrast quite well with the predominant blue colour and add an element of style. Nivia shoes are quite popular amongst kids because they combine the element of style and comfort. So while they step out on the greens with the confidence of David Beckham, they also know that they look as stylish and cool as the famous football icon. Most importantly, footwear from Nivia never compromises on the safety part.

Children have a developing skeletal structure and are most likely to suffer from injuries that might hamper them for a lifetime. In fact most injuries are overlooked as trivial or go unnoticed and surface as major ones after remaining dormant for years. The Super Premier Kids Football shoes are the best way to guarantee that the feet are well protected at all times. These boots are made to function on any kind of surface. It is not necessary that kids will confine themselves to a playground all the time. More often than not, kids start playing even on hard concrete surfaces. Ordinary shoes cannot protect your children's delicate feet while they rough it out on a hard surface. Often accidents that happen on these surfaces go unnoticed. Not only that, the human feet are constantly taking a pounding as they help us move about. They can only be protected if we wear the right kind of footwear. It is not important that a shoe fits, but it should have adequate padding to cushion the foot from any kind of a blow.

These multi-surface shoes can now be purchased online so that you don't even have to venture out of doors in order to find the right size for your kid. The shoes have a hard yet flexible moulded sole that not only ensures adequate protection against constant pounding but also longevity. While a hard sole is desirable, it should also be flexible enough so as not to break under maximum pressure. Flexibility also adds to the comfort factor as players can easily control their foot movements. Also the upper and the sole are stitched together for maximum durability. These shoes are a good return on investment as they are designed to last. Priced at a reasonable rate, it will be a good idea to buy the Super Premium Kids Football Shoes online.

The upper part is made of composite leather, which is further reinforced by adding polyester. Composite leather is used in most world-class footwear as it makes a shoe both strong and pliable. Additionally, composite leather is very light and durable. Light material ensures that children can run fast while wearing these football boots. They also add to the elasticity factor so that children can easily jump about without losing balance. Composite leather combines with polyester for even greater strength and durability. Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and therefore allows the shoes to dry quickly. After all, children do love playing football in a wet field. If the footwear retains water, they might also run the risk of falling sick or catching a cold. Purchase the Nivia Super Premium Kids Football Shoes online and watch your children show off their skills on the field.

Key Features

Blue colour

Size 13

Sole made of PVC

Upper made of synthetic leather

Product Details
Manufacturer Nivia
Manufacturer Part Number SP-14134
Brand Nivia
Colour Blue
Size 13
Material Synthetic

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