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Nivia Yorks Jogging Shoes, White 6

Nivia Yorks Jogging Shoes, White 6

Brand Nivia
Colour White
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Overview: Nivia White Shoes

Getting the right running shoes for your morning or evening jog is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent running injuries and run comfortably. If you don't pick the right shoe that provides support while jogging, the entire experience of that early morning jog becomes an injury prone situation.  Although jogging seems like a simple sport (just put on some shoes and go, right?), there's actually a pretty big learning curve. For joggers, selecting jogging shoes is akin to purchasing a house or a car; you're going to spend a lot of time in them, so you want something you really like. In addition to a comfortable ride, shoes can play a major role in keeping you running strong.

Key Highlights:

From the acclaimed sports footwear brand, Nivia, who understand your need to pick the right shoe for the type of activity, your feet deserve nothing but the best.Simply put, the Nivia Yorks Jogging Shoes is the best choice for joggers. With sales records seen in the past, this jogging shoe has consistently performed well for many joggers. This particular version has earned great remarks compared to any other sports shoe in the market. It has superior comfort while jogging, the cushioning at the base is ample, and the shoe overall provides tremendous stability to the jogger while jogging. This shoe feels like a padded boxing glove that you can use to job out mile after mile, without any sense of pain or discomfort.

The overall fit of these shoes is exceptionally great but the rearfoot part, deserves an honourable mention. There is a new external heel counter installed that keeps a firm grip on the joggers heel while jogging around your favourite park. The cushy padding and soft fabric just add to the comfort and provide a smooth and pleasant jogging experience. Keeping all these added factors and features in mind, the Nivia York Jogging Shoes weighs very light and gives you a feeling that you've not worn shoes at all.

Fabric and Style:

This stylish pair of sports shoes is made of premium quality fiber and is smartly designed with an excellent colour combination. This pair of shoes comes in a colour combination of white and yellow streaks. The base of this shoe features an extended height that supports your ankles while jogging. The two tone colours give a fine-look and the thread work all over the sides of the front two sides, makes your feet look grand.

Colours like black and silver over the front are perfectly blended to give the shoes a complete and finished look. The soul area of this pair has a rugged design that maintains a firm grip while walking. The lace holes have a rim work that ensures its durability.The top area of the shoe is flared and thus gives the user to slip in their feet easily. The 'lace' is completely in sync with the colour of the shoes, along with an interlocking design to increase their flexibility, while ensuring their sturdiness. This pair of sports shoes features a padded soul in a contrasting colour all along the base. This footwear is stitched and you can ensure a perfect fit according to your size and measurements. The shoes as a whole arestunning and appealing, which makes it a perfect choice for men who love to make a bold and striking fashion statement while on the run.

The best part about these shoes is that it is light in weight and it does not weigh down the look. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or sports shorts. This classy pair of shoes is very appropriate for sport activities and you can easily wear it.

How to care for your Nivia Yorks Jogging Shoes?

Once you get the right pair of running shoes, make sure you replace them every 300-350 kms because the loss of cushioning can lead to injuries. About halfway through the life of your shoes, you might want to buy another pair to rotate into your runs. Your running shoes will last longer when you allow them to decompress and dry out between workouts. Also, having a fresh pair of running shoes as a reference will help you notice when your old ones are ready to be replaced.

Product Details
Manufacturer Nivia
Manufacturer Part Number SP-14127
Brand Nivia
Colour White

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