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Nivia ultra football stud

Nivia ultra football stud

Brand Nivia
Material Synthetic
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Overview: Nivia Ultra Football Stud

A footballer understands that out there on the pitch, functionality and precision are of vital importance. And to achieve that choosing the right pair of cleats is indispensable. Wearing the proper boots can always lend the player an extra edge, adding to the agility to glide across the grass, smoothening out the touches to give better ball control, and tweaking the finesse just enough to ensure smoother shot execution. And the most underrated part, the studs, which help keep the player's feet on the ground and his balance right. For young budding footballers, it is even more critical to accessorize with the best there is, so that it does not in any way hinder skill development. It is of prime importance that you make the right choice while getting a pair but with so many varieties out in the market today, making a choice is tough indeed. But this is exactly what NIVIA tries to address as it presents to you the Ultra Football Stud, a subtle blend of top-of-the-range quality and function, and sheer cool looks, which is always a stylish plus, isn't it? Incidentally, if you are thinking about the price, don't. The Ultra football studs definitely won't empty your wallet and is worth every penny for this twosome has been created to be a footballer's delight.

A lean, streamlined structuring wraps around your foot like it was made for your feet, and your feet only, allowing absolute ease of movement and flexibility. The boots incorporate a synthetic leather upper to minimize the absorption of water, make sure your feet don't get a free shower on a rainy day. The sole is made of TPU outsole with Direct-Injected bladed studs, allowing fantastic grip and excellent stability like no other. The boots are shaped so that they fit your feet in a supple manner, and the streamlined structure ensures supreme mobility and fluent functioning, which is helped by the fact that the material used is delightfully flexible. The synthetic leather upper makes up a boot so light that you wouldn't know you are wearing them, providing you the ability to make deft touches in full flight. It need not be told that it would be very disgruntling having to play in boots that are hard to the feet, that's why Nivia provides you with boots with a cushion inner lining that snugly covers your hardworking feet to keep them from untimely tiring out. So don't think much and before you go for a game of football take these beauties along.

Product Details
Brand Nivia
Material Synthetic

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