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Noah's Ark, Discovering the Science of Man's Oldest Mystery
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Noah's Ark, Discovering the Science of Man's Oldest Mystery[Kindle Edition]

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Language English
Contributor(s) Alan Moen
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Noah's Ark

In 1804 blonde-haired, blue-eyed Mandan Indians were found living at the Geographical Center of North America by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Blonde-haired mummies have been discovered in Urumqi, China, the Geographical Center of Asia. At the Geographical Center of Australia over 90% of the aboriginals are born with blonde hair. If that wasn't amazing enough, satellite imagery has revealed raised arcs of land at each of these locations. The incredible possibility that Noah and his people built these raised arcs (arks) of land as refuge from the flood is explored in detail.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date March 10, 2012
Publisher Clear View Publishing
Contributor(s) Alan Moen
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 104
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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Possibly The Strangest and Most Interesting Well Presented Book I Have Read 28 April, 2014 On
    The thesis of this book was discovered and initially researched by the Author, Alan Moen, on Google Earth.
    Anyone can see for themselves the strange phenomena he discovered; pie shaped plateaus at the center of five Continents.
    These Plateaus, rising up high above the plains around them, are precisely centered on the highest mountain or significant geological formation in the regions. In addition, being at the center, all rivers drain AWAY from them. Why is that significant? NO FLOODS WOULD OCCUR DUE TO HEAVY RAINFALL.

    These Plateaus are so huge (one is 200 miles across)and are so peculiar, yet similar in size, shape, and degree of arc -precisely 120 degrees -one third of a pie, (for which the percentage would be 33.333_% and the decimal is .333_) -that they demand some hypothesis to explain them as being artificially built.
    If that is the case, that they are indeed artificial, then they are undertakings rivaling, and even far surpassing the construction of Stonehenge and the Pyramids based on the sheer magnitude of tonnage of materials used in their construction. Mr Moen presents evidence that three of the five have evidence of a civilization of tall, blond people. Right at the center of North America were, and still are, the Mandan Indians -right by Turtle Mountain in North Dakota, one of the Plateau Arcs. The Mandans were discovered by Lewis & Clark who were directed by Thomas Jefferson to look out for White Indians who spoke Welsh / Hebrew. Their Chief was named Big White, because he was over six feet tall, blond hair, etc. I have a cousin who lived within 40 miles of Turtle "Mountain," and her brother worked with a huge Mandan -with blond hair, blue eyes. This is just another intriguing part of the puzzle.
    The ancient Indian lore of how Turtle mountain was built -that a mountain was built, but it was too small, so it was made bigger, is born out and can be seen from satellite images. It is so obvious, that even on my Droid phone, I can clearly see a thirty mile Plateau Arc, and a larger Fifty Mile Plateau Arc. So...yeah, they are artificially whom or the question. A world wide organization of five expeditions of perhaps thirty to one hundred thousand people each, to explore, survey, (yes, perhaps that was already done) but still, to plan out, design, troubleshoot, and build hundreds of miles of raised areas, some three hundred feet high (I did a rough calculation -some 1500 CUBIC MILES OF ROCK, EARTH, ETC!!!)utterly boggles the mind. In addition, after several thousand years, they are still green, still fairly level, and still clearly evident from space!!!
    Ummm...Alan presents Noah as the Architect and Builder. I have no opinion about that, as it is so far out of my paradigm at present. However, the evidence he presents certainly warrants some kind of explanation along those lines. The book, if it were fiction, would likely be a New York Times bestseller, it is so utterly fascinating, reading like a top notch thriller / mystery. Moen presents the scenario of a highly organized, worldwide, systematic organization of multiple expeditions to create safe havens of Arcs / Arks of such gargantuan proportion that they would be capable of sustaining life under severely adverse conditions for millions of people.

    I have read hundreds of bizarre ideas, and unexplainable phenomena,
    but this book is right up there at the top 1% for the top spot.
    In fact, I would absolutely place it as -The # 1 Strangest, yet most well supported, and thought-provoking thesis I have ever read...
    and I have read widely, diversely, and intensely for many decades.

    Jerry Diamond
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