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Nokia Asha 501 Smartphone-Bright Red

Nokia Asha 501 Smartphone-Bright Red

Product Specifications
Brand Nokia
Model Asha 501
Operating System Nokia OS
Internal Memory 128.0 MB
Color Bright Red
Display Size 3.0 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 3.15 megapixels
SIM Type Basic Phone

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     Smartest budget friendly phone 28 October, 2013 On
    I bought this as a early Diwali gift for a family member. She adores this phone and love me even more coz I gifted it to her. I am too loving this phone and planing on to buy one for myself.

    >>>>Pros:What I loved
    * Attractive look. It looks trendy and the cute colors make it even more lust-worthy.
    * Awesome Pricing. Its very budget friendly.
    * Fastlane comes very handy. Supports multitasking with the swipe feature.
    * Loaded apps and features for such low price.
    * Good display.
    * The touch screen works great.

    >>>>Cons: What I don't like
    * Resolution is pretty weak.
    * Doesn't support GPS and 3G.
    * Not so impressive speaker sound.

    >>>>Recommended Or Not
    I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap android phone with pre-loaded apps and features. The phone is ideal for collage students.

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  2. 1 of 4 people found this review helpful
     Don't demand it to work like an android phone.... 9 February, 2014 On
    First of all,
    This phone is meant for people those who are goanna switch from a regular keypad phone to a touch based phone(i.e., for those who use their phone as a phone) and also for those people who liked the previous asha series phones....

    My Review:-
    Build Quality:
    The build quality of the phone somewhat nears the "Nokia" class....It easily fits inside our Palm and makes it comfortable for typing*...The back panel totally covers the phone's sides, tops and bottoms(all-over)which gives the mobile a cute look(based on my opinion)...The plastic quality used is of a medium quality...It will feel like it is mat finished over the top of the panel...The pack panel removal section(will look like a button) also acts as a speaker hole...which I will talk about later...The power, volume & back buttons are properly placed and comfortable to use...
    Bottom-line:- It's Nokia guys!!!!

    Hardware & Software:
    It hosts a 1Ghz processor which manages to perform less resource thirsty tasks perfectly ...though you can face some lags while using multimedia applications like video player, camera, browser(i.e. when the application deals with high graphics)..The Ram is the main drawback it is only 64MB (64MB!!!!!)...
    But Nokia somehow with it's asha OS managed to ensure somewhat smooth performance even with such low ram...

    It has an inbuilt WI-FI chip, Bluetooth chip(off-course) and supports 2.5G(Not 3G)(GPRS)....Though it is an 2.5G not 3G it manages to load the web contents faster(Note: Only Android, IOS and Windows needs an 3G connection for faster net access)..YouTube video plays surprisingly great i.e. Without frequent buffers in this device. This not only because of the hardware, software also plays an important part in giving a smooth browsing and streaming experience on this device. Nokia has done a wonderful job combining software and hardware..

    The call clarity is really good...I was surprised to hear the kind of sound which such a small phone delivers. It is not brilliant but it is better than the speaker in most of the android devices..

    The lack of GPS is a downside...Though there is an APP for Navigation(i.e., Here Maps-By Nokia)...Which is strictly :C "OOOKKKK"..


    Nokia is know for--->build quality and battery. There is no exception with the two cases in this phone...A fully charged battery easily lasts for 1-2days of medium usage(i.e. With browsing, gaming, listening to music etc....)...

    The OS in it is very snappy and user-friendly. One can easily learn to use it without the help of others...double tap to unlock feature is an great addition..It is mostly based on swipe control...a swipe right or left from the home screen will take you to fatlane(which stores the history of the recently opened applications)...A swipe from right or left corners when inside any application will close the application and bla bla bla....the key-board is arguably very small...It takes sometime to get used to especially for those people having big hands...but I must say after using this phone for about 3months , I got used to it..(Practice makes a man perfect!!)...Coming to customization part...I think Nokia did not even concentrate on customization part...example:-You can't even change you background wallpaper on the home screen (or) fastlane..(:C)...Home screen is just like the Home Screen in the Previous asha series..(which contains the apps)...
    There is nothing much important to talk about...

    Bottom-line:-Software and Hardware Duo Worked well somehow...


    Browser:-Great, saves data, zooming in and out feature might have been made better, Basic
    Facebook:-Basic Symbian type FB
    Music Player:-Gorgeous, has very few functions...but still great...Search feature is a pain to use..(experience it by yourself you will come to know...
    Video player: supports very few formats, very basic...No third party video app available till this date. Should have been better....
    Contacts:-Great. I liked it...

    very few apps available...Nokia must concentrate a lot in app section...(for Asha series)
    Games In Nokia Store:-
    Basic java games which some casual gamers might like....Some might not....

    Bottom-line:-Basic Software.Touch Phone Beginners will like it...


    It is great compared to the Samsung's 3.2MP camera. If you buy this phone you must forget about dim light shooting (or) night shooting....Decent application hosts only some few basic stuffs for customization of the shots going to be taken...

    Bottom-line:-A typical budget camera. With basic software features..

    Native things(to this Phone):-
    (2)Operation without lag
    (3)Heavy Gaming
    (5)HD videos

    Overall Comment:-
    Considering the price,this phone sure provides the buyers(like me) a good experience for their money...But still,since I had used several android phone(at this price range)I must admit that Nokia must have done little bit better...

    Bottom-line:-Feature-rich phone which cannot match a smartphone...
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