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Nokia BH-112U Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Nokia BH-112U Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Colour Black
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Product Description

Do you drive or travel a lot and keep getting calls frequently for which you have to use your phone too often? Or do you often find yourself wishing for an extra set of hands for handling your phone so that you don't have to keep aside your important work while attending to calls using your hand? If the answers are a yes, then the Nokia Bluetooth Headset is the perfect product for you. The Nokia Bluetooth Headset is a highly specialized and customized product which makes receiving calls easier on the go and you don't have to bother about any work which you might be doing at the moment and can receive calls with ease. Designed for regular use and for every person who has a phone, this smart and stylish looking device not only enhances your image but also is highly functional and efficient when it comes to giving you an effective environment to talk and listen carefully on call. This hands free device has a lot many features and it might look small, but it is very big considering its features.

Small, compact and easy to wear

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset is small, compact and highly convenient to carry and use whether using it or not. You can carry it easily in your pockets without even feeling its presence when not using it or plug it in your ears just like a small ear bud while using it and you won't even feel its presence due to the small size and compactness. The black color makes it look classy and gives a professional look to your entire demeanor and is suitable for casual use and also for professional use or during official meetings. It comes with an over the ear strap for plugging in easily and it fits comfortably in your ear. It is made to easily fit a normal person's ear and does not slip off as it comes with a flexible and changeable band which holds onto your ears easily and is great fit while travelling.

Great features and universal nature

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset comes with great features which allow you to connect all your phones simultaneously and you can then receive calls easily from either of them. This is a unique feature and makes this device really special and a must have for people who try to juggle between office and home and have to maintain different phones for professional and personal lives. You can easily sync any bluetooth phone that you have and as many as you have and then receive calls easily in your bluetooth device from any one of the connected phones by simply clicking one ne button. This is another great feature- the one touch access button which allows you to take and end calls simply by touching a single button in your device. So you no longer need to fidget in your pockets and find buttons to press whenever you get a call. You can simply choose to take it or end it with the use of your index finger.

Hands Free and great compatibility

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset is completely hands free and allows you use calling and receiving features easily without having to wear extra wires, long cables to connecting things with your device. You just have to plug the bluetooth device in your ears and sync it with your phone, without any trouble of external wiring or small cords which are otherwise attached to such devices. The device is compatible with all bluetooth enabled phones and can be synced easily with any of them at the same time. This makes it all the more useful and makes it different from other such devices.

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset come at attractive price and you can buy it from at the best price and for great discounts and bring all your call related problems to an end.

Product Features

  • One-touch talking
  • Keep it simple - pick up and end calls at the touch of a button
  • One headset for all your phones
Product Details
Manufacturer Nokia
Manufacturer Part Number NKA_BH-112U_BLK
Brand Nokia
Model Number BH-112U
Colour Black

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Overall Rating 3.6 out of 5 stars
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