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Nokia Lumia 520 (Cyan)

Nokia Lumia 520 (Cyan)

Product Specifications
Brand Nokia
Model Lumia 520
Operating System Windows
Internal Memory 8.0 GB
Color Cyan
Display Size 4.0 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 5.0 megapixels
SIM Type Touchscreen
Cash on Delivery eligible
Dispatched within 2 days
Delivered only in Bangalore
Cricket Syndication Prod
Not yet rated

Customer Reviews on Nokia Lumia 520 Mobile Phone

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Worst user frienly OS, not sure which all features tested 14 February, 2014 On
    I'm using Samsung galaxy y duos for 2 yrs.
    I tried this phone, to get windows interface and thought it will be more easier and stable than android.
    But these are my +pros,-cons,~opinion:
    -one of the main feature I was looking was wifi tethering and it was not working. When I googled it I found many suggestion, but all didn't work. I doubt Nokia released this model without proper testing to get to market in time. So before buying please search in google that whether your required feature has any issue
    -In Android we got as many as Home screens and Menu screens. But in Windows we got only 1 Tile screen and 1 Menu screen. It is very difficult to point to each menu item. For eg:- for switching wifi/bt you need to go all the way down to menu/settings/bt/on. No inbuilt shortcut and we can't tile all the sub-menus!!!
    -In Android search button is used at the current app. But in windows it will always open Bing. If your network is off, you don't need this button at all
    -In Android, we can hold the notification till we execute on it. But in Win, once we open the tile notification, it is lost. We need to clear the task immediately.
    +Only positive thing in this phone is good camera, compared to same price range
    ~I don't know how Win is improved on stability and memory leakage issue of android
    I think Windows OS needs to improve a lot. Till that, please go with some good Android phone. Otherwise, the experience will be worst than old java phones. Please google the feature comparison between Android and Win. Even I see in news that Nokia is planned to launch Android phone. Yes, Nokia also studied. Why don't you !!!
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  2. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Forget Android Its time for Windows Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!and here's the proof................. 11 August, 2013 On
    Nokia,You beauty is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I recommend all android users to read this review.......if you are planning to buy awsomest phone under 10k ,then here is your answer without doubt.........

    -->First of all ,all those who say that android has more apps than windows,then let me tell you that you are not going to use all these 8500000 lakhs android apps,only apps which are used most common such as wechat,temple run,facebook,line ,whatsapp etc,these apps can also be used on windows has all the basic apps which are common now-a-days.

    Prons :
    1.Camera features such as Cinemagraph Lens, Bing Vision, Smart Shoot Lens, Panorama Lens, Capture Modes, Scene Modes,, Light Sensitivity etc. will make your image experience like never before.....its amazing!!! and people are unware of this beacuse they only see how much MP the camera is......

    2.Windows 8........its splendid with its features
    3.Silky smooth user interface which never hangs....
    4.Die for Body Look..........variant in coloures....
    5.Thinner than expected and feels good in hands
    6. Build MS Office suit........its new features
    7.Music Player sound quality is very good.........
    8.Video clarity is just awesome........its not like old nokia phones burr ...its crystal clear....
    Rest you can read its specifications........

    @ No front camera......... but 3G calling is rare,so won't affect
    @No LED Flash........
    @If you are a PURE GAMER,then this may not suits you....

    So,at last,i just want to say that in spite of its cons,This phone is awsome one.......
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  3.  Fluidic experience under Rs8000 25 March, 2014 On
    There is no phone out there in this price bracket with this fluidity.

    The OS is incredibly smooth and application opens blazing fast. Contains some really good applications like Nokia Mix, Nokia Map etc.

    Phone of this build quality is not available from the other companies. Lovely design and feels tough.

    Don't think about just dual core processor, its more than enough for Windows OS.

    Has a beautiful 4" screen with resolution 480x800 which is not a mind blowing resolution but mind my words its screen is very beautiful and color reproduction is very nice. Nokia does a very good job with sreen and touch sensitivity.

    Camera quality is above average but don't expect mind blowing pictures, low light images are below average sometimes with lots of noise as there isn't any flash.

    Talking about battery, it will give you more than a day with moderate usage a normal user does.

    Being unbiased, this phone has 512MB RAM which doesn't allow you to install some graphic intensive games. This is the major drawback of this phone.

    This is new OS and hence there aren't major apps available right now but there are many major apps which is enough for a smartphone users.

    Those who can wait or are comfortable with limited number of apps, its a great deal.

    I recommend those user who need large number of apps should not buy this phone.
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  4.  It's Worth buying, you don't have to think twice. 11 May, 2014 On
    I've always been a fan of Nokia. That's why decided to review Lumia 520 as well. So far it's a very popular model among Nokia's Lumia Serize. I think because of it's reasonable price range. It's a value for money phone.
    Those who r not familiar with the Windows 8 platform will get few difficulties first but trust me you'll adopt it very quickly.. The First-lane feature of Nokia, It's a good thinking from Nokia's end.
    Every Phone of Lumia serize looks very cool with it's bubbly colors.
    Performance in quite decent. Phone doesn't hang to run multiple apps.
    The combination of the Hardware provides the smoothness of it's performance. You can switch between apps very easily.
    Screen is clear and provide good viewing angles so as in sunlight.
    Battery easily gives you a day backup if you r a moderate user.
    Over-all It's a worth buying Phone.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  5.  CYAN !! 27 February, 2014 On
    Its atomic. The ad-free music streaming app allows me to mix audio tracks...
    various digital add-ons that enhance the camera.. more over it has a super sensitive touch screen.. its simply classic.. i recommend this product..!!!
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  6. 1 of 2 people found this review helpful
     Best smart phone below 9k but not the best smart phone if u can afford a lil more 22 October, 2013 On
    I have been using this phone for the past 20 days and i would like to summarize directly the pros and cons i have experienced.
    1. Build quality is very good. More than you can expect for this price. ( fell frm my hand thrice, nothing happened other than scratches)
    2. Vibrant colors available and stylish look.
    3. Scratch resistance screen is very good.
    4. The interface is butter smooth, hardly u can see hanging. Windows has done wonderful job in optimizing the OS. Out of 512Mb ram, thrs always 300 Mb available to carry on the job.
    5. The integration of sim contacts with facebook and gmail contacts is so easy. The contact details along with their status updates and profile pictures.
    6. Facebook messenger can be directly activated in the messages and u can switch between text messages and Fb messages with the contacts which is one of its kind. Thumbsup for that.
    7. Multitasking is easy. Though it takes seconds to open a task but the loading graphics doesnt make you feel so.
    8.Touch sensitivity is very high. You can work with even gloves. Some times it would work even with gap between your thumb and screen.
    9. One more innovative thing is, you hav the option to restrict the data connection to 2G or 3G according to your need and plan.
    10. Cost effective considering the brand value.
    11. Screen size is one more biggest asset. 4inch is not very big, nor small. Comes perfectly into your hand and suitable for gaming and videos.
    12. The resolution of the screen is also very good. Can play HD videos. tried 720p, hav to try 1080P.
    13. Sky drive to backup files directly.
    14. Live tiles and their customization.
    15. Navigation is very light and smooth. Offline navigation is also available which is useful when dont hav data connection or low battery.
    15. Viewing angles are decent for the price.
    16. Uninstalling any application is very easy.
    17. Gmail can also be integrated directly into the outlook. Which is quick and smooth.
    18. Office suite available.
    19. Basic applications available. (Whatsapp, kindle, twitter, FB, gmail, Line, skype etc)
    20. Nokia music store gives option to free download music. No need to go for pirated music.
    21. Camera is good and the applications for camera are high end. Atleast after amber update.
    22. Internal memory given is decently enough if you are not going to install big games.
    23. Charger length is very good.
    24. Voice quality during calls is good.

    1. The main drawback i hav observed is, there is no separate option to control only ringer volume. Its the same volume rocker control for music and ringer. So if you decrease the sound using volume rocker while listening to music or playing games and forget to increase it back, bang, u will definitely miss your call.
    2. Vibration is not so effective.
    3. No option to create sound profiles.
    4. Battery life is not so good. Full charge comes for 10 hrs with medium usage. (Not expected from Nokia). Needs to charge atleast 2 times a day if u r going to use 2G and music.
    5. The nokia headset given is extremely bad. The sound quality is poor and sound is also very low. Have to buy a new headset to save battery life. (Ps: Used soundmagic headphone and was able to hear the same sound with half the volume level)
    6. The music player is not upto mark. Nokia music player takes time to load. No option to drag the song forward. No search option. Hav to install third party music player for that. ( audio player and cool music player are best as i hav tried a lot).
    7. Does not play flv videos which is very bad. No other third party video player available in store like MX player. hav to adjust with inbuilt player.
    8. No equalizer option in music player. Nt even in other third party applications.
    9. Takes some seconds to view older messages.
    10. Line is very slow in this phone. Need to wait for 3-5 sec for the msg to deliver.
    11. No toggles option on the top to quick select wifi or 3g or bluetooth. Third party application can be installed to get tiles on home screen.
    12. the notifications from whatsapp, line and all does show on the top but takes a lot of time to change to the next one.
    13. No facebook application. Third party applications are not upto mark.
    14. Windows application store is short of a lot of useful applications. Need to adjust with the available ones. A lot of good ones are paid versions.
    15. Gaming is not very good. Small games does work well, but dont expect a huge options in games. Definitely not for a gamer. (Ps: Temple Run 1 has a lag while playing).
    16. No LED flash for low light photography.
    17. The screen tends to attract a lot of finger prints, so protector is compulsory.
    18. Sun light visibility is not so good. Might be due to the matt screen protector i have used.
    19. Applications cannot be moved to SD card. Only pictures, songs and videos can be moved.
    20. songs cannot be directly used as ringtones.
    21. Back panel is very loose and delicate. Easily comes off. It is very smooth too making it easy to slip from hand.
    22. The phone gets heated up at the back after continuous usage of 30-40 min or during gaming.
    23.Does not directly show battery level. Third party applications lag a bit.
    24. Charging port is given at the bottom which is uncomfortable to use while on charging.
    25. Lock button does given a delay sometimes.
    26. Usb connector is very short.
    27. no key to search within mobile.
    28. No file manager application available.

    So final verdict - If you are tight on budget and need a good smart phone for your daily need. this is the best you can get under 9k. But if you can afford a lil more there is a large pool of options in android. ( this verdict is specifically for brand conscious people). If ready to go for any bran then micromax and karbon has much better phone at this range.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  7. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Nokia Lumia 520 4 February, 2014 On
    Nokia Lumia 520.This mobile has been ruling the Budget Rs.10000 nokia World, but we can say and should say that RULED OUT.

    Before going to depth let us see the first and fore most thing i.e the Features.
    We can say that this Handset is very decently featured with the Wifi, Bluetooth, 1ghz dual coreProcessor, 8GB Internal Memory, window 8 operating system, 5MP rear camera , 512MB of RAM and a 1430mah Battery and finally the Brand nokia.

    To be frank many devices are in the market at the same price but with double the features of Nokia Lumia 520, but talking about this handset history. At the time of its release this handset was sold out for Rs.10500 but now it became around Rs.8000.

    This decrease in the price has many reasons. It may be other local brands competition or may be the device failure also.

    Both are true. This device has got a positive review as well as the Negative Reviews too. Around my network i know 5 People using this handset. One has bought it for Rs.10500 from BIG C Showroom and was roaming to the service center from the date of his purchase and the other 2 members dont know how to use a SMARTPHONE so i think i dont need to describe about their usage.

    But when compared to the today's range of smartphone from Micromax and etc... i recommend to go for the other brand because day by day the features and being upgrading i mean every mobile is getting released with a better options in it.

    I recommend the Nokia Lumia 520 , dont know much about it bu i think it will be better than this and that too if you want from nokia only. And if you can spend some extra amount you can go for the Nokia Lumia 620for Rs.14000.

    htc 8x will also be a better option in this price, i am recommending this because i am using it. Of course there are other excellent devices
    So ultimately i want to say that go for this mobile by trust or for Brand, if you can spend much go for the Nokia Lumia 620 from the same nokia,
    Or search over the net for other brands, if you want a mobile with good features like Dual core Processor which will be very useful in the Processing speed of a mobile and the Nokia Lumia 520 lacks it.

    Thats all and thank you for reading my review.

    This is Arjun Adhikari.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  8. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful
     i like and love this cellphone i want it.. 18 February, 2014 On
    i like and love this phn its all features are grt
    easy to use and handle feels like royal pleasure
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