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DMA Nokia Lumia 520 Screen Guard- Clear

DMA Nokia Lumia 520 Screen Guard- Clear

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Product Description

If you are tired of using of using your low-range phone and want to upgrade to a high quality device by using a device like Nokia Lumia 520, then along with enjoying all the qualities of a smartphone, you need to protect the device from various external damages. To protect the device and its screen, you need to use a premium quality screen guard which will protect the screen from various external damages. Along with this, the advanced design of this screen guard helps the user access the phone comfortably.

Importance of buying the screen protector

When it comes to protecting your mobile phone, a screen guard is an essential thing for every user. There are a number of reasons behind the use of a Nokia Lumia 520 screen guard. As the Nokia Lumia 520 is a midrange device and one of the most critically acclaimed among the users. It is quite an investment for owners and it is important for them to protect the screen of the device from various external damages. Since a mobile phone's glass screen is one of its most vulnerable areas, smartphone owners try to protect it from scratches, dust, glares and UV rays as much as possible.

To serve this purpose of protecting the screen, the users often opt for high quality and water resistant screen protectors are used to protect the LED screens of cell phones and other electronic devices. The use of advanced technology used in these protectors are tasted to make sure that it can protect the screen of your Nokia Lumia phone from numerous unwanted damages. These protective sheets are transparent in appearance. This transparent design of the screen guard helps the user to view the information on the phone comfortably and easily. This particular screen guard is custom-made for the Nokia Lumia 520. For this reason, the user needs not to worry about shaping this screen guard to fit the screen.

This screen guard comes with special anti-glare features, which helps to protect the screen from scratches, abrasions, etc. As the Nokia Lumia 520 does not have a Corning Gorilla Glass  protection, it becomes quite an essential thing to use a screen guard. Screen protectors also enhances the overall look of the device. This screen cover has reflective characteristics. Reflective screen protectors also serve a dual purpose as they can be used like a mirror. When the phone's screen is turned off, it creates a mirror-like finish when covered by a reflective screen protector.  This smart feature also increases screen visibility in bright sunlight.

The material of this screen guard is such that it ensures that you can easily use it on the screen. It is thick enough to protect the screen but thin enough to let you use your touch screen conveniently. This screen protector offers you unique UV and glare protection by filtering out UVB rays and eliminating glare from sunlight. This light cancelling technology improves and optimises the screen's readability, a feature which is essential for optimal user performance. The smart design of this screen guard ensures that the screen guard will not remove from the LCD screen easily. This screen guard helps to protect the device from water and dust. Along with this, being light in weight, this screen guard will not make your device heavy. If you are looking for a smart and high quality screen guard to protect your Nokia Lumia's screen, then this screen guard is the right one for you.

This exceptionally designed screen guard eliminates the possibility of the dust and bubbles while the user needs to use it any outdoor area. Along with this, the sticker like design of this Nokia Lumia 520 helps the user to stick it easily and can remove the sticker easily If you want to clean the surface of this mobile phone, then you cabn use a piece of microfibre cleaning cloth. If you want to get this high quality screen guard at your doorstep, buy Nokia Lumia 520 screen guard online.

Key features

This screen guard has specially designed to protect the Nokia Lumia 520 screen of the device

This screen guard comes with a bubble free

This transparent screen  guard comes with a Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth

This product works as the screen shield

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number LUMIA520SGC
Brand Dhasmesh Mobile Accessories
Model Number Nokia Lumia 520

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