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DMA Nokia Lumia 720 Screen Guard- Clear

DMA Nokia Lumia 720 Screen Guard- Clear

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Product Description

With the mobile phone becoming such a huge financial investment for many owners in the current generation, it has become increasingly important for the mobile phone owners to protect the phone in whichever way they can. Now as a cell phone's LCD screen is its most vulnerable area, mobile phone owners should always try to protect it from dust, glare, scratches, and the harmful UV rays to as much extent as possible. One way of doing this is through the use of a screen protector.

The quality of the screen guard plays a crucial factor in choosing the correct one to suit the buyer's needs since a high quality and durable screen guard actually helps increase the life of your mobile manifolds. Every mobile phone owner should purchase a screen guard to save and protect the value of his/her phone and to prevent damage to their phone's sensitive and vulnerable touch screen. The screen guards helps prevent unforeseen accidents from destroying the quality of the mobile phone, in the meantime also offering the users additional benefits such as anti-reflective and anti-glare screen coverage. Screen guards attach to a phone screen's surface and can be easily removed and reused at any time without residual gum, making the perfect investment in a cell phone's safety.

With a fingerprint resistant screen guard, mobile users can keep their mobile screens looking brand new and clean at all times without the hassles of constantly cleaning them. This in turn will reduce the need to use harsh cleaning materials and liquids that can largely affect the mobile phone's screen surface and it's glossy finish. Mobile phone users who have a habit of constantly touching their screen's surface, are strongly advised to purchase a fingerprint resistant screen protector.

DMA Nokia Lumia 720 Screen Guard ensures maximum resolution and natural touch sensitivity for a feeling that ensures smooth and flawless touch screen accuracy for your Nokia Lumia 720 phone. This screen guard is made from the best quality film and comes with a Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth. It has the adhesives for hassle free installation and leaves no residue when removed. It is custom cut to fit the screen exactly. Its scratch resistant coating protects your Lumia 720 screen from scratches and damages from every day wear and tear.

Directions to Apply

Clean your Nokia Lumia 720 LCD Screen thoroughly. Presence of minor dust particles will lead to scratches and air bubbles.

Peel off the back sticker 1 to an inch and align on your display, then with the help of and hard plastic card (for eg : - Credit Card) remove the bubbles and keep on peeling further and simultaneously pressing the screen guard on to the display with the card as you progress. Remember not to touch the sticky/adhesive side of the screen guard.

Don't expose the screen guard to air for a long time after peeling off the back sticker 1 because it may attract dust to it.

If you see any air bubbles, use the edge of the card to push them out of the display area.

After you have completed all the steps described above, proceed to final step of removing Sticker 2 gradually and also ensuring that the screen protector is not pulled off the screen.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number LUMIA720SGC
Brand Dhasmesh Mobile Accessories
Model Number Nokia Lumia 720

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